Sleeping with sharks Carnival Special

Carnival is entertainment, party, music, colour and costumes!

It is celebrated all over the world in very diverse ways and, although its exact origins are not proven, historians believe that, like many notable dates in our festive calendar, this festival is linked to traditional pagan celebrations of the Sumerian and Egyptian cultures from 5,000 years ago!

In short, a date you can’t ignore, with the tradition and entertainment that you just have to celebrate. For this reason, on 17th February, we have organised the most special pyjama party to celebrate the Sleeping with sharks Carnival special.

A night of adventure for the little ones, with activities, workshops, games and many surprises in the company of other children of their own age (from 6 – 12 years old).

A night for you and a gift for your children.

Delight the little ones of the family by giving them a different kind of camping where they will have a great time while they learn about and develop their awareness of the marine world. Also, in this special Carnival edition, there will be a costume competition with original and fantastic prizes. The children will also visit the Jungle and the gardens. And they will go aboard the Shark Vision Boat which has a glass floor for observing the sharks from another angle. And, of course, they will sleep in the Big Blue observatory, the shark aquarium. A unique space in Mallorca where the children will spend the night accompanied by our qualified supervisors and other little ones of their own age.

The activity will start on the 17th February at 19:30hrs and will end on the 18th at 11:00hrs.

Includes supper, breakfast and many more activities!

All that is needed is pyjamas, toothbrush, washbag and sleeping bag.

Register now, and don’t leave them without a space!

Registration and more information here

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