Children's camps on Mallorca

Designed to transmit the passion for the sea to children!

As soon as school ends... the camp begins!

Palma Aquarium's children's camps offer a unique and unforgettable experience for the youngest family members. With the aim of encouraging respect for nature and transmitting environmental values, they are the perfect option for combining fun and education.

In our camps, the only thing that's impossible is to get bored! The education and entertainment teams have worked together to offer a complete plan that encourages interaction and collaboration through games, workshops, sports and many other activities.


Camps coincide with the following school holidays:



All facilities at Palma Aquarium have regulatory protocols in place to guarantee the safety of both the children attending and the instructors.

By choosing Palma Aquarium, you are making a commitment to the environment.

Summer is approaching and with it the school holidays. For many children this is a great opportunity to continue learning, but in a very different way and with lots of fun involved.

Therefore, Palma Aquarium offers children's summer camps in Mallorca as well as different activities, where the little ones can get to know the sea life like they have never done before.

Children's summer Campus in Mallorca

Palma Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the Balearic Islands. We are known for hosting various activities and events in Mallorca filled with fun for all ages. These experiences offer you the opportunity to get to know the planet from a completely different perspective: from the bottom of the sea.

Sleeping with Sharks

You will remember it forever

An unforgettable sleepover!

If you are looking for an original experience to surprise the little ones, here is the best option.

A camping trip to the Big Blue, Palma Aquarium's shark aquarium, which offers an unbeatable and unique setting to spend the night, you will always be accompanied by qualified instructors.

Choose Palma Aquarium and give your son or daughter a full day out, with dinner and breakfast included so you don't have to worry about anything.

Upon request, we organise groups available for families. Furthermore, we also schedule several dates throughout the year where you can sign up if you don't come with a group.

Would you like to spend the night with the sharks?

Are you looking for a campsite in Mallorca but want something special for your children? To complete a summer camp in Mallorca in the most perfect fashion, there is the opportunity to sign your children up for an unforgettable experience: Sleeping with sharks. This camping experience includes spending the night in a sleeping bag in the middle of the Great Blue.

The Big Blue is the main tank at Palma Aquarium, where the species that are at the top of the food chain live. It is one of the deepest and largest shark tanks in Europe. It contains more than 3.5 million litres of salt water and is the home to species such as the sandbar shark and the sand tiger shark, as well as other species.

Your children can fall asleep with the view of the Big Blue and wake up with a giant shark above their heads. They will be supervised by experienced supervisors and will get to know the sea better than ever by playing games, as well as engaging in activities and physical exercises. Therefore, this option is one of the best activities for children if you are looking for summer camps in Mallorca.

This whole-day trip includes an overnight stay at the Aquarium facility, as well as breakfast for all signed-up children, so you don't have to take care of anything when it's time to pack your child's rucksack. This activity is also suitable for families if you want to spend a spectacular night with your loved ones.

You will find the best activities of Mallorca in Palma Aquarium

Before purchasing your Palma Aquarium tickets, you should plan your visit to Palma Aquarium in the best possible way to ensure you have an unforgettable day.

Palma Aquarium is a marine centre that first opened its doors in 2007 and still offers some of the best activities for both the young and the old. While both the campus and the experience of sleeping with sharks are for the youngest members of the family, the aquarium offers entertainment for everyone.

With its more than 55 aquariums, more than 8,000 specimens and 700 species of animals and plants, Palma Aquarium creates a lifelike replica of the habitats and ecosystems you can find in seas and oceans. All this diversity is possible thanks to the connection of the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

These are some of the experiences you can book when buying your tickets for Palma Aquarium:

  • 4D Whale Experience

  • Shark Vision Boat

  • Diving with sharks

  • Discover how marine animals eat

Thanks to Palma Aquarium you now know which more about our offer when it comes to children’s summer camps in Mallorca. Take a look at our website and discover the rest of our adventures. Dive into the depths of the ocean and learn how the inhabitants of this great sea live.