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3D Cinema - Whales

Immerse yourself in a virtual experience

Meet the gaze of the giants, in the depths of the ocean. Big as a bus, and weighing 40 tons, the humpback whales glide agilely in the blue sea. Be surrounded by their enchanting songs and learn more about how they communicate.

Exploring and learning more about our environment is certainly one of the best ways to make the most of our free time. Even more so when this process of learning is combined with fun and action. This is the reason why we can guarantee that we only employ professionals who provide their expertise and make sure that every visitor is having an enriching and unforgettable experience in Palma Aquarium.

Apart from the many attractions and workshops that the aquarium in Mallorca offers, you can have the opportunity to see one of Europe’s most spectacular 3D cinemas! Are you curious about swimming with whales, but without getting wet and enjoying the comfort of a dry cinema? Then make yourself comfortable, lean back and let the whale watching adventure begin.

Swim with whales in a 3-D cinema 

How many times in your life will you get the chance to feel completely surrounded by humpback whales? Not often, right? But thanks to our 3D cinema you can enjoy this really rare and incredible experience together with your whole family. This experience is one of the most spectacular and loved attractions offered at Palma Aquarium in Mallorca.

In the 3D movie called "Whales, the giants of the ocean", you will get exciting insights about these fascinating creatures. You will not only learn about their very long life span of over 60 years and their incredible weight of over 40 tons, you will also be able to observe how they travel across the oceans of half of the planet.

Humpback whales have their own language, which is what makes them different from other whales. Still, you will feel closely connected to them when accompanying them on their journey through the world’s oceans. The animals we will show you in this documentary speak with their own dialects, just like the different groups of humpback whales. They are a very intelligent species and create songs that allow them to distinguish themselves from other whales. This allows them to communicate with each other and build and maintain relationships over a distance of more than 20 miles.Male whales demonstrate their artistic skills during the migration and mating season. 

It is not only their special singing that makes them recognizable. You can identify them thanks to their fins, which are distinctive. In fact, each and every whale has its own and unique fin, like a fingerprint that identifies every single one of these big sea giants.

Humpback whales are truly a wonder of nature that must be preserved for our kids and future generations. That's why this 3D documentary teaches you everything you need to know about these special animals. Watching the whales in the movie will feel so real you will have the impression that you are swimming with them in the depths of the sea, feeling their presence and listening to their peculiar song. All of this, without leaving the comfortable chair of the cinema.

When you look into the eyes of these impressive, calm animals, you will feel a special connection to them. This connection is essential to continuously strive for the protection of whales, which are among the largest animals on our planet. To build awareness and appreciation for the treasures of the marine world, we want to provide this educational and entertaining experience, and help you befriend humpback whales.

Join the unique, virtual experience

The large cinema in which you will watch the 360º 3D experience is unquestionably one of the highlights at Palma Aquarium. Thanks to 3D glasses, comfortable seats, good sound quality and headphones will open the doors to the journey through the marine world.

Thanks to the best audio effects and the outstanding sharpness of its images, you will forget about reality and what happens outside of the aquarium. You will be tempted to reach out to touch and pet the humpback whales that you will have watched in the movie.

This totally immersive virtual experience is one of the most popular activities in Mallorca. You will feel like you are dreaming with your eyes open.

The most impressive experience in Mallorca

Are you looking for a fun activity in Mallorca? Then don’t miss out on the upcoming events at Palma Aquarium!

One of the most exciting experiences for adults is diving with sharks. After passing a safety course, you will have the opportunity to swim with these misunderstood and fascinating creatures, whilst being guided by our trained experts.

But that’s not the half of it! One of the most popular activities we offer for the youngest visitors is a sleepover with sharks. This allows the kids to camp next to the aquarium and spend an unforgettable night, observing and dreaming about the sharks and other animals. If you want to learn even more about sharks, then the Shark Vision Boat will be of interest to you!

Plan your visit to our Aquarium in Mallorca and open the door to a world full of life. At Palma Aquarium you will feel super close to the sea and get to know our trained expert teams. Why don’t you take the chance to get to know the aquarium during a backstage tour, so you can learn how things are done, feel the enthusiasm and passion we put into our work to make your visit unforgettable? Let’s dive in!

FAQs about 3D Cinema Whales

What is Aquadome?
Aquadome is a film about humpback whales in 3D. One of the most requested activities in Mallorca due to its spectacularity and entertainment for children.
Is 3D cinema included in my standard ticket?
No, you can buy it as an extra with your purchase. There are multiple complementary activities to your standard ticket which you can see here
Which whales will I be able to see in the Aquadome 3D?
At Palma Aquarium's Aquadome you can see the humpback whales of Hawaii. An impressive immersive experience for children and adults alike.
What do you mean by an immersive experience?
The Aquadome is an activity in Mallorca where your 5 senses will be activated to enjoy this whale trip.
Is the Aquadome suitable for all ages?
We recommend the Aquadome for ages 4 and up.
How long does this experience last?
The experience lasts approximately 15 minutes.
How much is the Aquadome?
The price of the Aquadome is currently 5 €.
What times are available for the experience?
You can enjoy this activity every half hour until 17:00.
What other activities in Mallorca does Palma Aquarium offer?
Currently, we have Shark Vision Boat, Backstage Tour and Dive with Sharks available.
In which languages can I watch the film?
You can enjoy the Aquadome in English, German, Spanish and French.

BackStage Tour

Come and discover what lies beyond the water!

Beyond the water, in the exact place where Palma Aquarium beats, Backstage Tour begins, a route that will take you through the ins and outs of the park and with which you will discover what lies beyond the aquariums, our most human and sustainable side.

The ocean experts will guide you through a living, real, unknown and constantly moving area, the unseen face of a passion that knows no limits: our passion for the oceans.

Would you like to join us in delving into the best kept secrets of the aquatic world? Less than 10% of the ocean has been explored by humans, so we can say that the sea is still a place that hides many mysteries unknown to us and some of them we will never be able to decipher.

But luckily, there are places like our Palma Aquarium, the aquarium par excellence of the Balearic Islands. Here, we aim to bring the marine world closer to our visitors with activities such as the BackStage Tour in which you will discover how our experts work behind the fish tanks.

The secrets of Palma Aquarium

BackStage Tour is a tour designed only for the most curious visitors, who want to go beyond a simple visit to the aquarium. While in a normal tour you will be able to see the tanks and the animals that live in them, thanks to this exclusive tour you will get to know what is hidden behind them.

You will get to know the strings that pull the Palma Aquarium. This tour will take you beyond the fish tanks, to get to know the ins and outs that are hidden in the park. In addition, you can also discover our more sustainable side, which is intended to raise awareness in the care of our seas.

The ocean experts of our facilities will take you through the corridors where the movement never stops and there is always work to be done. This is the unknown face of Palma Aquarium and it hides all the secrets that are not yet ready to be revealed.

Passion for the oceans

At Palma Aquarium we have been showing the beauty of the marine world to all visitors who come through our doors for 15 years now. Our aim is to make available to everyone a world that is only reserved for a privileged few who can specialize in the ocean.

Our main intention is to awaken the necessary conscience so that each person contributes their grain of sand in the care of our planet, with the purpose of making the Earth a better place. 

We see ourselves as a window to the ocean that allows everyone interested in the subject to peer through our fish tanks. We want to transmit this passion for the oceans that we have and help our visitors to understand some of the mysteries that are hidden under the great surface of water.

Through our tour you will learn more about the different habitats in which each animal lives, but also be aware of the threats they must deal with on a daily basis and what solutions we can put in place to solve them.

Activities in Mallorca for all ages

If you don't know what to do in Mallorca, we recommend you more fun ideas. Apart from the Backstage Tour, in our aquarium you will find many more activities in Mallorca. The activities we offer at Palma Aquarium will allow you to get to know this marine park better and discover the secrets hidden under the sea.

3D Cinema - Whales

This is an immersive activity in a 360º 3D cinema that will allow you to get to know the world of humpback whales. You will have the opportunity to meet the largest mammals on the planet firsthand and you will feel as if you were swimming with them, being one of their herd.

Shark Vision Boat

Would you like to see sharks up close? Well, now you can thanks to the Shark Vision Boat. It is a transparent boat that will float over the shark pool, so you can see them up close when they approach you. But don't worry, if you don't get off the boat, you will always be safe. 

Diving with Sharks

But if the Shark Vision Boat is not enough for you, you can also dare with the riskiest activity we have in Palma Aquarium. Dive in "the big blue" to meet the sharks that live in it, from very close. This activity is suitable for everyone, no matter if they have ever dived before. In addition, we also offer you the possibility to sleep with sharks for a much more amazing experience. 

Daily meetings

The daily meetings are based on sharing with you the most important moment of the day for the animals, the moment of the meal. Our experts will help you learn about the diet of each marine animal, as well as discover how each one of them eats.

Snorkel with Stripes

Finally, we want to present you an experience in which the youngest of the house: an unforgettable snorkeling in Mallorca. And is that children will have the opportunity to swim among rays and see them from very close, thanks to the goggles and snorkeling equipment. This is an activity for the little brave ones to enjoy the sea in all its essence and learn to appreciate and respect it.

Now you know the Backstage Tour and all the other aquatic activities in Mallorca that we offer at Palma Aquarium. Check out our website to see some of the most impressive images of our aquarium and buy your tickets online now so you don't miss out on this unique experience.

FAQs about Backstage Tour

What exactly will I see on the Backstage tour?
On the tour you can enjoy our coral farm and quarantine area.
Is this activity recommended for children?
It is an activity where children can acquire knowledge and education for the conservation of our oceans, which makes it a perfect activity for children in Mallorca.
Will we be able to feed animals during the visit?
No, the animals are under expert care.
Is this activity included in my standard ticket price?
No, you can buy it as an extra. There are multiple complementary activities to your standard ticket which you can see here
How long does the tour last?
The tour lasts approximately 15 minutes.
Will I be able to touch animals on the tour?
No, the animals are under expert care.
Can I do the tour in any language?
We currently have German, Spanish and English available.
What other activities in Mallorca does Palma Aquarium offer?
Currently, we have Shark Vision Boat, Aquadome and Dive with Sharks available.
Is it a private tour or a group tour with more people?
It is a guided tour led by our Ocean Experts.
Is the circuit prepared for disabled people or pushchairs?
No, the circuit is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Shark Vision Boat

It's a whole other view

Feel the great depth of the ocean through an unforgettable experience of navigating aboard the glass-floor boat. A sensation that will take you to amazing feelings!

Palma Aquarium is an excellent holiday attraction on the island of Mallorca, which has been popular among visitors for many years. Our facilities big enough for everyone to have fun and they meet the highest of quality standards. 

If you don't know what to do in Mallorca, a visit to our aquarium is an absolute must, as it offers a great experience for the whole family. We have a new adventure waiting for you: Shark Vision Boat, a boat with a glass bottom that has been specially designed to get a front-row view of the sharks that live at Palma Aquarium.

Discover the marine world on foot

Palma Aquarium has a huge aquarium tank with a great variety of specimens that inhabit the Mediterranean Sea as well as the tropical seas. Moreover, we also offer an impressive jungle with all kinds of plants, waterfalls, and trees. However, one of the most impressive attractions is the Big Blue, the deepest aquarium in Europe, where you can book several activities with sharks.

In fact, this large area always offers new activities and features that leave everyone who visits speechless. It is without a doubt one of the most entertaining activities in Mallorca that you shouldn't miss. In the Big Blue, you can watch the sharks being fed and you can even sail over the surface to catch an incredible view of these animals from a unique perspective.

The Big Blue is 9 meters deep and holds 3.5 million liters of salt water. It houses exactly 11 sharks of two different species: sand bar sharks and sand tiger sharks, which swim peacefully alongside other marine life that you will also be able to spot: Eagle rays, stingrays, stingrays, golden rays and amber rays.

The Shark Vision Boat is one of our newest attractions and offers 33-meter ride on a boat with a completely transparent bottom, with amazing views into the Big Blue. In this way, you can enjoy an extraordinary panorama with your family and discover every detail that the colorful marine world hides. If you are particularly enthusiastic about sharks, you can experience other activities with sharks, such as diving with sharks - a unique experience that you will not forget.

A ship with glass bottom

The Shark Vision Boat was built by a Mallorcan craftsman exclusively for Palma Aquarium. This boat sails across the impressive Big Blue to view the sharks in the aquarium from a new perspective. 

In order to obtain a completely safe and stable boat, capable of supporting the weight of a large family and offering an amazing view, its construction was pretty elaborate.

The Shark Vision Boat has no engine and does not need to be driven by rudders. It is simply tied to a rope with which our guides drive the boat. Thus, our guests can watch the sharks under the visitors' feet, as the bottom is completely transparent, without interrupting them.

Palma Aquarium's aim is to give you an authentic view of the sharks from a boat that offers you the greatest possible protection so that you can watch the sharks in peace without being afraid. The floor is transparent, so you will feel like you are on top of the sharks and get a realistic impression of their behavior and size. Everyone on board wears a life jacket, despite there being no risk. 

Please bear in mind, it is advisable to book the boat in advance so that you can enjoy this attraction as soon as you arrive at the park. There is an additional charge to the entrance fee for this activity.

Be closer to sharks than ever before

Palma Aquarium is one of the most incredible attractions in Europe. The Shark Vision Boat allows you to observe sharks in their natural habitat from a boat and its transparent floor allows you to sail and see the entire surface of the aquarium. We also offer you the possibility of a sleepover with sharks, an activity suitable for the bravest children between 5 and 12 years old.  

On this boat, you will be able to observe the real life of eleven sharks in their natural habitats, as if you were one of them. You will be absorbed into their world and feel closer to sharks than ever before.

Not only can you see them up close and sleep next to them, but now you can also dive with sharks and swim in one of the largest shark tanks in Europe. As we have already explained, the Big Blue is a tank with 6 sand tigers and 4 sand bar sharks, and you will have the opportunity to swim with them and see how they move and behave in this marine space. You are bound to be fascinated!

FAQs abour Shark Vision Boat

Is there a danger of the boat vision glass breaking?
Not at all, at Palma Aquarium we have rigorous safety and quality controls.
Is Shark Vision Boat suitable for all ages?
Yes, it is suitable for all ages.
What are the safety measures?
Do not put your arms out of the boat or hit the glass.
Is the activity included in my standard ticket?
No, you can buy it as an extra. There are multiple complementary activities to your standard ticket which you can see here
Which sharks will I see during the experience?
You will see sand tiger sharks and sandbar sharks.
Can I feed the sharks?
No, the sharks are fed by a specialist shark feeding team.
Are there other activities to interact with sharks?
Yes, we have the Shark Dive activity.
How many people are on the boat?
There are 10 people on the boat.
Are there any animals other than sharks?
Of course, we have groupers, rays, among others.
What other activities in Mallorca does Palma Aquarium offer?
Currently, we have Backstage, Aquadome and Shark Diving available.

Dive with Sharks

Come Face-to-fin with the sharks!

Ready for a heart-racing experience?

Palma Aquarium has everything you need. Dive into the Big Blue, the deepest shark tank in Europe, and swim with a mixture of 11 tiger and sandbar sharks.

Go diving with sharks! Whether you are spending your holidays with family, as a couple or alone, we would like to offer you one of the most incredible activities in Mallorca, which will not only seem interesting for all wildlife fans, but also for those who are looking for an exciting, unique experience. Dare you dive with sharks?

At Palma Aquarium you can not only swim with sharks, but also discover the rest of the species that live in this protected space, thereby raising awareness on marine life. If you don't know what to do in Mallorca yet, we have plenty of ideas to offer with a complete programme of activities for the entire family, in one of the best aquariums in Spain.

Diving with sharks in Palma de Mallorca

The sharks and the other species that can be seen during the visit are living in the Big Blue. This is the name of the deepest shark tank in Europe, which is no less than 8.5 m deep.

Would you dare to dive with sharks? This experience will be unforgettable! 

Get to know our sharks

At Palma Aquarium you will find four species of sharks. Would you like to get to know them better before you go swimming with them?

  • The sand tiger shark, or Carcharias taurus, is no less than a close relative of the famous great white shark and, despite what its name may imply, is not related to the tiger shark. It differs from all other shark species in that it is the only one capable of swallowing air and storing it in its stomach for greater buoyancy, which means it requires less energy. They can reach up to 3 metres in length and weigh up to150 kilos. One of their main features is their grey-brown body with reddish-brown spots and their pointed, cone-shaped head.

  • The sandbar shark, brown shark or Carcharhinus plumbeus, is one of the largest coastal sharks in the world, reaching up to 2.5 metres in length. It is a close relative of the bull shark and is characterised by a more robust body than other species and a shorter snout. It is usually blue or grey to bronze in colour and has a white belly. It eats fish, crabs and rays, and its predators are sometimes larger sharks, such as tiger sharks and great white sharks.

  • The blacktip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus) can grow up to 2 m long, although it is usually no longer than 150-160 cm. It is a species of requiem shark, easily recognised by the black markings on its dorsal and caudal fins. It is a shy species that is difficult to approach but can be very dangerous to humans.

  • The violin ray, or rhinobatus, is a rhinobathid that reaches up to 170 cm and can weigh almost 20 kg. Like all fish in its family, it is characterised by the flattened cone or arrowhead shape of its head and fins, while the rest of its body is shark-like.

Diving with sharks in Palma Aquarium

Experienced divers will ensure that you enjoy the experience in the best and safest possible way: They will provide the best diving equipment and implement all the necessary safety measures allowing you to approach and observe the animals up close without any worries.

To take part in this activity, you must certainly present your diving certificate and your diving licence. This trip takes about 2 hours and can be done on any day of the year through prior arrangement. It also includes a half-hour course to learn all the necessary safety rules for the dive and is offered in English, German and Spanish.

Dive into the Palma Aquarium experience

Are you still hungry for more? Well, Palma Aquarium has a new and fascinating attraction for the youngest in the family.

One of the most original experiences at Palma Aquarium, where sharks are the main characters, is camping next to the Big Blue with the whole family. Sleeping with sharks is a magical experience where children get a better insight into the world of these wonderful creatures. Of course, this takes place under the care of qualified staff, and includes dinner and breakfast.

Oh, and don't miss the opportunity to take a ride on the Shark Vision Boat, a boat that takes you on an exciting journey across the shark aquarium and is included in many of our activities.

The best activities in Mallorca

Palma Aquarium offers a variety of events and activities for all ages every day. Check out our website directly to plan your visit.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Palma Aquarium and set it at the top of the list of the best experiences in Mallorca.

FAQs about Diving with Sharks

Is it possible to dive with sharks without a licence?
Yes, it is possible to dive with sharks without a licence.
How long does the activity last?
Approximately one hour.
If I am afraid, can I go out whenever I want?
Of course, your well-being is important to us.
Is it necessary to do a previous course to be able to dive with sharks?
Only if you want to do it with a licence.
Which sharks will I be able to interact with?
You can interact with sand tiger sharks and sandbar sharks.
From what age can I dive with sharks?
From 18 years old.
Are there other activities to interact with sharks?
Yes, we have the Shark Vision Boat.
How much does it cost to dive with sharks?
Depends on your choice of activity (licensed or unlicensed).
What other activities in Mallorca does Palma Aquarium offer?
Currently, we have Backstage, Aquadome and Shark Vision Boat available.
How deep do I have to dive to live this experience?
Approximately 8 metres.
If I have to catch a flight the next day, can I do the activity?
No, you must dive 48 hours before taking a flight.
How many people are included in the free visit?
One person is included in the free visit.
Can we bring our own diving equipment?
Yes, you can bring your own equipment.
How many people can dive without a licence?
Only one person can dive.

Daily Encounters

Learn about the underwater Life with our Ocean Experts

While Palma Aquariums animals are being fed, our guides explain fun facts and anecdotes about habitants. This is without a doubt one of the highlights of visiting Palma Aquarium.

Snorkel with Rays

Only for the bravest little ones!

Little adventurers can snorkel in the same aquarium where stingrays are practiced and enjoy the experience of swimming alongside this incredible animal.

Would you like to snorkel with stingrays? Snorkeling is one of the water sports practices suitable for the whole family. For its realization, it is necessary to use diving goggles and a tube that allows to administer air from the surface to our lungs, with the aim of making a continuous monitoring of everything that can be found underwater. 

This practice becomes much more entertaining if accompanied by marine animals such as, for example, rays. After all, it is a way to enjoy the water in an entertaining and dynamic way. At Palma Aquarium we offer this incredible experience for you to connect with the sea in a much more interesting way, we tell you about it! 

Snorkeling with stingrays in Mallorca

At Palma Aquarium we offer you the possibility of snorkeling with specialized guides who, basically, will give you the opportunity to dive into the waters and learn about the way these marine animals act while you enjoy a leisure and entertainment time. The rays interact with you during the dive without any dangers.

The Mediterranean Sea is home to many curiosities, including rays; therefore, from Palma Aquarium we offer the opportunity to visualize the seabed and have a closer look at the life of the rays, something that you will undoubtedly love. We must value the idea that it is a different activity and an alternative to other diving activities. The fact of being able to snorkel in Mallorca with the rays allows you to enjoy, therefore, an aquatic activity with which to learn about the marine fauna.

The tranquility of snorkeling is combined with the possibility of getting in contact with the rays. A time of calm and learning where, precisely, you will have the opportunity to get close to this marine animal. It is not an easy task, so the aquarium guides will accompany you during the activity. At Palma Aquarium we want everyone to be able to enjoy this opportunity and visualize the movement of the rays in the water while you dive using the goggles and snorkel.

What to do with children in Mallorca? 

When traveling to Mallorca this question may arise: what to do with the children? Basically, there may be different leisure activities that are commonly known, but why not look for another alternative that is feasible for all members of the family and easy to practice?

So that children can learn about marine fauna and enjoy a fun and leisure activity to the maximum, there is the possibility of going to Palma Aquarium and have a unique experience with the rays.

Diving with this marine species is something that the little ones will undoubtedly love. At all times there is supervision over the activity and there is no risk whatsoever; in fact, it can be considered an effective way for them to enjoy the water and the animals for a while. It is considered an interesting formula to make children get out of the routine and find in the rays an interesting animal for their knowledge. They are going to check their movements, the way they move, the calm they transmit and the feeling that they are very friendly.

For this reason, at Palma Aquarium we want children to have direct contact with the stingrays and learn about their lifestyle and how they coexist with other marine species. However, the rays will be completely controlled in the aquarium to be protected and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The aim is to recreate the environment they usually have in the Mediterranean.

Activities in Mallorca all year round

At Palma Aquarium we offer all kinds of aquatic activities throughout the year. On the one hand, it is worth mentioning the preparation and layout of rooms that are perfectly adapted for visits. The aim is for the public to be able to visualize the marine species of the Mediterranean directly

It is about recreating an underwater world where you can contemplate the secrets of the sea and learn more about all the fauna that you can find in the sea. Some of the water activities in Mallorca that we offer are the following:

  • Children's camps in Mallorca

  • Sleeping with sharks, one of the best plans in Mallorca

  • Aquadome, the immersive 4D experience

  • Diving with sharks 

  • Free visit to the Mallorca Aquarium

  • Shark Vision Boat

  • Beyond Water Tour

  • Art Aquarium

  • Nautilus Park

Throughout the year, the aquarium is open and available for you to learn about the marine species that inhabit the depths of the sea, and at the same time you can see them firsthand. 

In addition, the aquarium offers you the possibility of doing activities for children in Mallorca directly in the water with the animals, so snorkeling with rays is one of the most requested, both for its simplicity and for how much you can enjoy these animals in salt water with your family.

When looking for a time to disconnect while doing a recreational activity, Palma Aquarium is open all year round for you to live unique experiences.

FAQs about Snorkelling with Rays

What does this activity entail?
The activity consists of snorkelling in our stingray tank.
Is it suitable for all ages?
Yes, it is suitable for all ages.
If I'm scared, can I go out whenever I want?
Of course, you can leave whenever you need to.
How deep do you have to dive to live the experience?
It is not scuba diving, you will only swim on the surface.
Is it necessary to do a previous course to be able to snorkel?
No, it is not necessary to take a course prior to this activity.
If I have to catch a flight the next day, can I do the activity?
Of course, unlike scuba diving, this activity does not involve pressure changes.
How long does the activity last?
The activity lasts approximately 15 minutes.
Are stingrays protected species?
They are not protected species, but we share love and care for all species.
What other activities does Palma Aquarium offer in Mallorca?
Currently, we have Backstage, Aquadome and Shark Vision Boat available.
Is the activity included in my standard ticket?
There are multiple complementary activities to your standard ticket which you can see here.
What equipment do I need?
You don't need any equipment, at Palma Aquarium we have everything you need for this experience.
During what times will I be able to do the activity?
From 11:00h to 14:00h and from 15:00h to 17:00h