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Immerse yourself in a virtual experience

The Giants of the Ocean

Meet the gaze of the giants, in the depths of the ocean. Big as a bus, and weighing 40 tons, the humpback whales glide agilely in the blue sea. Be surrounded by their enchanting songs and learn more about how they communicate.

Shark Vision Boat

It's a whole other view

Feel the great depth of the ocean through an unforgettable experience of navigating aboard the glass-floor boat. A sensation that will take you to amazing feelings!

Dive with Sharks

Come Face-to-fin with the sharks!

Ready for a heart-racing experience?

Palma Aquarium has everything you need. Dive into the Big Blue, the deepest shark tank in Europe, and swim with a mixture of 11 tiger and sandbar sharks.

Daily Encounters

Learn about the underwater Life with our Ocean Experts

While Palma Aquariums animals are being fed, our guides explain fun facts and anecdotes about habitants. This is without a doubt one of the highlights of visiting Palma Aquarium.