What is Ocean culture?

"Ocean culture" is to know the influence that the ocean has on the human being and to become aware that the human being also exerts an enormous influence on the ocean. It is based on seven "Essential Principles" to memorise:

  • The ocean plays a key ecological role in the functioning of planet Earth.

  • The ocean and the life it contains shape the characteristics of the Earth.

  • The ocean makes Earth a habitable planet.

  • The ocean supports a great diversity of ecosystems and life

  • The ocean exerts a great influence on weather and climate conditions

  • The ocean and humans are inextricably interconnected

  • The ocean remains largely unexplored

Aquariums have the responsibility to promote "ocean culture" by making science, marine biology, oceanography and conservation management accessible to society at large. This is done by emphasising the key role that play in the protection of our oceans and their resources.

Visit to Palma Aquarium

Experience, learning and inspiration

With more than 8,000 specimens of 700 different species of fauna and flora from all the world's oceans, our zoological collection is a living classroom where you can discover the sea's secrets. We place special emphasis on Mediterranean ecosystems, Posidonia meadows, coral reefs and the complex relationships established between the different communities. We want to show emblematic species, their survival strategies, their behavior, their evolution, as well as the impact that human activity has on them.

Our team of ocean guides and educational instructors accompany visitors to make their visit to the aquarium an inspiring experience.

Educating young people

Educating and inspiring responsible environmental values during childhood and youth creates bonds that continue into adulthood. New generations must learn that living in harmony with nature is a guarantee for the well-being of humanity in the future.

Our commitment is to train young people by equipping them with the knowledge to face the environmental challenges that they will encoutuner in the future.

  "Know to value, value to protect"

School visits

Come learn with us!

Students will learn the secrets of the underwater world, by observing the different aquariums and receiving explanations from Palma Aquarium instructors. In our Nautilus Classroom, they will also be able to participate in workshops where they will acquire experiences and knowledge that contribute to develop their environmental intelligence. Minimum duration of a school visit: 3 hours. Activities aimed at different school levels: kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school. You can consult the different proposals for visits and environmental education programs.

Prepare for your visit at the centre

To arrange a visit with your school or institute, please contact the Education Department

Contact telephone number: 971 746 104

Information and reservations: educacion@palmaaquarium.com

Our team can help you choose the best visit proposal according to the age of the children and the interests of the school.

Educational resources

You may download our educational material that will help you prepare your school visit to Palma Aquarium's facilities: