Palma Aquarium

Admire, respect and love the marine world

Palma Aquarium

An incredible place to connect

Since 2007, Palma Aquarium has been offering guests an experience like no other on the island of Majorca.
We are proud to give our guests the opportunity to witness real underwater life, in large marine enclosures.
This unique encounter allows you to truly experience a variety of aquatic habitats from around the world.

A tribute to nature

We have the largest collection of live corals in Europe, daily presentations, outdoor pools, shark tanks and multiple interactive experiences.
In our exhibits, we create interactive marine enclosures where you can develop a true connection with life in the oceans.

Our dream

We hope to encourage understanding and love of life,
below the surface of the water.
Our wish is to help you spark a love 'as big as the oceans',
with the underwater world.

Our history

Palma Aquarium, founded in June 2007 is owned by Coral World International, renowned marine experts and leaders in creating, maintaining and growing marine ocean centers.

We have spread ocean awareness to millions and provided rehabilitation and research programs for scientifically supported marine life projects.

Now, we are one of the largest tourist attractions in the Balearic Islands, thanks to our unwavering dedication to both aquatic residents and land-dwelling guests.

We Advocate

Passion for marine life
Ocean Protection
Marine Animal Conservation
Environmental education

Protect the oceans with passion

Commitment, Leadership, Innovation. The challenge to save the oceans is for everyone.

Our Foundation

Palma Aquarium are dedicated pioneers in highly special conservation campaigns as part of its corporate social responsibility policy, for animals species which are endemic to the region or endangered.

We utilize innovative scientific research to ensure a better future for all marine creatures.

The Palma Aquarium Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. We depend on our volunteers to carry out conservation work and protect marine animals and their habitats.

Rescue Center

We show our love for animals by caring for and breeding endangered species.

In 2014 Palma Aquarium began coordinating the rescue and rehabilitation efforts for protected Balearic marine animals from the Marine Fauna Recovery Centre at Palma Aquarium, a service managed by the COFIB (the Consortium for the recovery of fauna in the Balearic Islands).


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