6 Romantic plans in Mallorca for Valentine's Day

Are you looking for romantic plans for Valentine’s Day? Majorca is a perfect destination to enjoy a romantic day with your partner. In this article we are going to suggest some of the romantic plans you can make in Majorca for Valentine’s Day.

Mallorca is a city that stands out for its beaches and crystal-clear waters, as well as having some incredible viewpoints that can make your getaway a perfect day. There are many options to spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day in Mallorca. We offer you a full day to enjoy with your partner on Valentine’s Day with a different and very special plan: visit the aquarium with the only live coral exhibition in the world and the deepest shark tank in Europe in Palma Aquarium, and prepare a marriage proposal in Majorca with a cinema. Stay until the end to discover it!

1. Romantic walk on the beach

You can start your day with a typical breakfast of the island of Mallorca, like a good coffee with an ensaimada, an amazing breakfast.

After a good breakfast you could complete the morning with a walk on the beach. Walking on the beach on Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic activities you can do in Mallorca. The island is famous for its amazing beaches, and walking along them during sunrise or sunset is a perfect way to enjoy nature and spend time together.

Along the way, you can admire the stunning natural landscapes surrounding the beach, such as cliffs, waves, and beautiful sunset skies. You can also enjoy the sea breeze and listen to the sound of the waves.

At the end of your walk along the beach you can book a table for lunch in one of the restaurants that surround the beach and take advantage of the rest of the morning to go into the old town of Mallorca to stroll together through its narrow streets and admire its incredible monuments.

In short, visiting Mallorca on such a special day will allow you to create unique and romantic moments that will last forever.

2. Panoramic view

In Mallorca there is a wide variety of viewpoints from which you can enjoy incredible views of the sea and the island, perfect to end a romantic evening. Here are some of the viewpoints you can visit.

  • S’Albufereta viewpoint: One of the most famous viewpoints in Mallorca, it offers spectacular views over the Bay of Alcudia.
  • Bellver Castle: This circular castle is one of the most unique vantage points in Mallorca, offering panoramic views over the city of Palma.
  • Es Colomer viewpoint: With panoramic views over the Bay of Pollença, this viewpoint is one of the most popular in Mallorca.
  • Mirador de Es Mirador viewpoint: With panoramic views over the Bay of Alcudia, this viewpoint is one of the most impressive on the island.
  • Mirador de ses Barques viewpoint: With panoramic views over the Bay of Pollença, this viewpoint is one of the most impressive on the island.
  • Mirador de sa Talaia: Located on the highest mountain of the island, sa Talaia offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of Mallorca.

Imagine enjoying a picnic with your partner at one of these viewpoints while enjoying an incredible sunset.

3. Romantic dinner with sea views

To end the day, what better than a romantic dinner with sea views? In Mallorca there are many restaurants overlooking the beach that for Valentine’s Day offer a special romantic dinner service for couples at incredible prices. You can enjoy a dinner with typical Mallorcan dishes that will surprise you in a spectacular landscape that will make your dinner even more special.

4. Romantic spa

If you are looking for a place to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Mallorca, a romantic spa is an excellent option. For these dates, many of the spas and hotels offer spa rates for couples at an incredible price. Here are some suggestions:

  • Spa Son Brull: This spa is located in a former monastery and offers treatments for couples, Turkish baths, saunas and hot pools. They also offer special Valentine’s Day packages.
  • The St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort Spa: This luxurious spa offers a wide range of treatments for couples, including massages, bubble baths and a private Jacuzzi.
  • Spa Amará: This spa is located in the centre of Palma and offers a wide range of treatments for couples, including massages, bubble baths and a private jacuzzi.
  • Spa Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa: This spa offers a relaxing atmosphere and a wide range of treatments for couples, including massages, bubble baths and a private Jacuzzi.

Any of these spas will be a perfect place to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner in Mallorca – book in advance to make sure you get the treatment you want!

5. Jazz night

And to end the day you can enjoy a good jazz concert. There are several jazz clubs in Mallorca where you can enjoy a night of music and romance with your partner. In a cosy and elegant atmosphere, you can enjoy live music from some of the best jazz musicians on the island. With a careful selection of wines and cocktails, the evening will be unforgettable for lovers of jazz and romance – don’t miss out!

6. Visit Palma Aquarium 

Palma Aquarium is an aquarium and offers a wide variety of marine species, including tropical fish, sharks, dolphins, penguins and much more. It also has interactive attractions for all ages, such as a spider exhibit, a virtual aquarium and an immersive experience in a giant aquarium. 

Palma Aquarium offers many plans that would appeal to your partner and would make a perfect gift for lovers of marine wildlife and the sea. 

At Palma Aquarium we can even help you with your marriage proposal in Mallorca, can you imagine how romantic it would be to propose to your partner on the day of love? You can choose your favourite place from the different options offered by the aquarium, such as the garden, or even if you have a diving licence, you can propose yourself underwater with the sharks as witnesses to your love… Doesn’t that sound like a marriage proposal from the movies? 

Once at the aquarium you can choose from many of the activities on offer to round off a perfect day: diving with the sharks in Mallorca, watching the whale show in 3D cinema and getting up close to the Humpback whales or trying out the Shark vision Boat, which is a boat that dives with the sharks for an unforgettable experience. 

Palma Aquarium also offers many programmes to get to know the marine fauna and its best kept secrets, so if you and your partner are lovers of the creatures that inhabit the waters you can enjoy these programmes and learn a lot. 

In short, Mallorca is an incredible destination for the special dates of the year. Mallorca offers many options to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day with your partner and spend an unforgettable day.

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