The Palma Aquarium Foundation in 2023: research, conservation and education

2023 was a year of new projects and achievements, marked, as always, by our ongoing efforts to conserve and protect marine life. Once again, last year’s numerous initiatives, projects, campaigns and actions to protect the environment and rescue endangered marine wildlife proved our commitment to environmental education and marine conservation and research.

Conservation Projects: reproduction and release 

Through our Petits taurons – Acció Stellaris project we have successfully bred and released 36 nursehound sharks into the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, thanks to the Proyecto Cavallets de mar Balears project, we have bred and released 221 seahorses into the Mediterranean. Releasing these marine animals into the sea is the principal mission of both projects in an attempt to boost their populations in the wild.

2023 Beach clean-ups

Last year, the Palma Aquarium Foundation spearheaded 14 beach clean-up actions.  More than 332 volunteers took part, working alongside the technical staff, who always count on 1 or 2 additional members during each clean-up action. A total of 271 kg of waste were collected, contributing to keeping our seas and oceans clean and healthy.

Rescue Centre

The Palma Aquarium Foundation assisted 18 cetaceans (9 on Mallorca, 3 on Menorca and 6 on Ibiza and Formentera); 11 sharks (4 on  Mallorca, 4 on Menorca and 3 on Ibiza and Formentera); and 83 sea turtles (49 on Mallorca, 14 on Menorca and 20 on Ibiza and Formentera). Thanks to the hard work, dedication and professionalism of the technical team and volunteers, 26 sea turtles fully recovered and were released back into their natural habitat.

Environmental education

The Palma Aquarium Foundation is continuing with its educational goals, conducting talks, events, workshops and educational programmes, designed to spread environmental awareness among the community and encourage respect and protection for our oceans.

Every rescue operation, every clean-up, every action, every project…is a small step towards a more sustainable future for our oceans. We are continuing to work together to conserve the wealth of marine life that surrounds us.

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