Palma Aquarium temporarily closes its doors

Since its creation in 2007, it has maintained its activity uninterruptedly 365 days a year. Despite the current situation, the marine park is convinced that it will be like that again in the near future. However, the current circumstances have led Palma Aquarium to take a break from the marine park’s activities for a few months.

In view of the seriousness of the evolution of the crisis derived from the Coronavirus pandemic and consequently how it is affecting our environment, Palma Aquarium is obliged to temporarily stop its activity as of 28th September.

Firstly, this complex decision will allow it to focus its resources on providing uninterrupted care for the more than 700 species that live in the aquarium, on coral reproduction and on the various environmental conservation projects.

Likewise, the marine park will carry out a planning process to adapt and improve its offer in order to continue being, not only a first class tourist attraction, but also a reference in our community for the knowledge of the beauty of the marine world and the awareness of the situation of our oceans, putting the focus on the protection of marine species.

Meanwhile, during the time that the marine park is closed, it will continue its work of environmental education through social networks in order to bring the ocean closer to the homes of the Balearic population.

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