Ocean Pass Members

All the information about the Ocean Pass cards.

Do you have an Ocean Pass?
If you had a valid Ocean Pass and you did not request the economic refund, now you can reactivate it and continue enjoying it until its new expiration date.

How can I reactivate my Ocean Pass?
Come to Palma Aquarium and we will reactivate it directly at our box office from the opening day, June 3, 2021:

1.- Remember to bring your old Ocean Pass and your identity card.
2.- Present it at the box office and our team will calculate the new validity date for the time you still have to enjoy.
3.- We will give you your new Ocean Pass that you can use until the new expiration date. That same day you will be able to enter Palma Aquarium.

How is the Ocean Pass’ new expiration date calculated?
The time you had left to enjoy the Ocean Pass when Palma Aquarium closed last year will start counting from the new opening date, June 3, 2021. But in addition, we are giving you one more month that is added to the expiration date , so that you get the most out of our aquarium.

What if my child is now 3 years old?
If your child was not included in the Ocean Pass because he did not pay and is now 3 years old, despite the fact that from 2021 at that age they would have to pay entrance, we want them to continue entering for FREE while your Ocean Pass is still valid , as long as it can be proven that it is from the same family nucleus.

Will there be new Ocean Pass in 2021?
Palma Aquarium will not offer new Ocean Passes for 2021, only the old ones will be reactivated until the expiration date.

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