We commemorate the International Day Against Climate Change with our special FOR ACTION programme

The International Day Against Climate Change is held each year on 24th October in order to raise awareness among the global community of the harmful and devastating effects climate change has on our planet, one of the most urgent challenges facing our world today.

Commemorating International Days gives us an opportunity to become more aware of issues of interest, providing citizens with an insight into pressing problems and enabling us to identify actions we can take in our everyday lives to combat climate change.

At Palma Aquarium, we are committed to protecting the environment and environmental education, which is why, between 20th and 24th October, we will be running a very special and different programme to commemorate the International Day Against Climate Change.

Through our educational, interactive and creative activities, we aim to work together to bring about a positive change and protect our planet, seas and oceans.

1- Ocean ACTION pill: actions against climate change

Would you like to discover different ways of fighting climate change? Take part in this memory game to learn about climate change and the small contributions we can all make to bring about real change. We’ll be waiting for you at the Meeting Point at 11 a.m. or 4 p.m. You’ll learn how your everyday actions can contribute to protecting our oceans and the planet!

2- Experience ACTION labs

How about getting a deeper understanding of how climate change affects the various marine ecosystems?  Our Experience ACTION labs are not to be missed! You’ll have the chance to discover the impact of climate change on the Mediterranean, the tropical coral reefs and sharks thanks to various interactions with our Ocean Experts. This activity will take place from 11 a.m.  to 5 p.m., depending on the area of the Mallorca aquarium, giving you lots of opportunities to dive into this educational experience.

3- Art for Action – NEON Drawing Workshop

Art can be a powerful tool for raising awareness of climate change. Throughout the day, the Art Aquarium will give you the opportunity to take part in our drawing workshop and use neon paints that glow in the dark. Express your creativity and concern for the environment through art. What’s more, your drawing could be chosen to feature in a mural that will remain on display at Palma Aquarium for one year.

But that’s not all! You will also have the chance to win a family Ocean Pass! Simply post your drawing on your social media, tag @palmaaquarium and include the hashtag #artforclimateaction.

At Palma Aquarium, we believe that every action, however small, can make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Join us between 20th and 24th October to commemorate International Day Against Climate Change and become part of the solution.

We look forward to welcoming you to Palma Aquarium to celebrate these days of environmental action and awareness!  

Why do we celebrate the International Day Against Climate Change?  

Climate change can be defined as the global variation of the planet’s climate and temperature, generated over the long term by natural causes.

Over the last century, pollution generated by human activity has accelerated this process at an alarming rate due to the emission of greenhouse gases that are attributable to factors such as the burning of fossil fuels, land use, energy use and industrial activities.

These gases cause an increase in temperatures, resulting in the phenomenon of global warming, which is the cause of climate change.

What are the global effects of climate change?  

  • An increase in average temperatures.
  • Rising sea levels.
  • Arctic Sea Ice Melting.
  • An increase in the number of extreme climate events: droughts, fires, water shortages and flooding.

How does climate change affect the marine world?

  • Proliferation of invasive species.
  • Coral bleaching and loss of reefs.
  • Habitat degradation.
  • Alteration of marine currents.
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