Palma Aquarium presents its exciting Educational Programme for 2023-2024: Join in and protect the marine world!

The commitment to environmental conservation is a need that transcends borders and a responsibility that must be shared by all. And taking this as its premise, Palma Aquarium is proud to present its magnificent Educational Programme for the 2023-2024 school year, which promises an enriching and educational experience for schoolchildren of all levels.

Centred on marine conservation

Conservation of the marine environment lies at the heart of our programme for the 2023-24 academic year. Our aim is to inspire pupils and make them aware of the importance of protecting our oceans, becoming active defenders of the marine world. And with this in mind, we are inviting pupils to join us on this thrilling mission.

During the tour guided by an Ocean Expert, students will visit the various areas of the marine park. From wonders native to the Mediterranean Sea to brightly coloured tropical fish, every corner of the Palma Aquarium is a magnificent opportunity to learn more about marine biodiversity.

Educational experiences tailored to all educational levels  

Taking into consideration the various educational levels, our programme is designed to guarantee inclusivity for all, from primary to senior school levels. We have created activities adapted to the needs of each group, enabling pupils to explore the fascinating marine world in accordance with their level of understanding.

– Primary:  The tale of the exciting rescue of Valentina the sea turtle to the fun song of the sea and the story of Gladius and the humpback whale, younger pupils will  have the chance to learn about marine animals and the threats they face in a way that is both educational and entertaining.

– Junior: Junior school students can dive into a game of trivial to learn about the Mediterranean seahorse and discover the conservation efforts included in our  Cavallets de mar Balears project. They will also learn about sustainable fishing and take part in a simulation of the rescue of a sea turtle or dolphin in order to understand what can be done to protect them.

– Secondary: Teenagers will be able to explore the biology of Mediterranean sharks with our  Petits taurons – Acció Stellaris conservation project, take part in the dissection of a fish to discover its anatomy and learn how coral reefs are formed.

– Baccalaureate: Students in the final two years of secondary school will be able to learn about the work of the aquarists at Palma Aquarium, giving them an insight into the essential role they play in the conservation of our animals.

Additional experiences: 3D Cinema Aquadome and School Camps

Compete your school trip with an immersive experience at the  3D Cinema Aquadome. Choose between “Whales: Dive in with the Giants of the Ocean!” or “Planetarium: A Journey to the Stars!” for an additional educational experience.

We also offer a unique experience with our exceptional school camp  and the chance to spend the night in the Big Blue, one of Europe’s deepest shark tanks. Sleeping with sharks will be a memorable experience for all the class!

At Palma Aquarium, our passion for marine conservation is reflected throughout our 24,000 m² facilities, home to more than 8,000 specimens and 700 species of flora and fauna from around the world. Join us on this thrilling educational adventure and make your contribution to the conservation of the marine environment. Contact us for further details and to book your visit . Together we can make a difference to the conservation of our oceans and the health of our planet!

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