Snorkel with Rays

Only for the bravest little ones!

Little adventurers can snorkel in the same aquarium where stingrays are practiced and enjoy the experience of swimming alongside this incredible animal.

Would you like to snorkel with stingrays? Snorkeling is one of the water sports practices suitable for the whole family. For its realization, it is necessary to use diving goggles and a tube that allows to administer air from the surface to our lungs, with the aim of making a continuous monitoring of everything that can be found underwater. 

This practice becomes much more entertaining if accompanied by marine animals such as, for example, rays. After all, it is a way to enjoy the water in an entertaining and dynamic way. At Palma Aquarium we offer this incredible experience for you to connect with the sea in a much more interesting way, we tell you about it! 

Snorkeling with stingrays in Mallorca

At Palma Aquarium we offer you the possibility of snorkeling with specialized guides who, basically, will give you the opportunity to dive into the waters and learn about the way these marine animals act while you enjoy a leisure and entertainment time. The rays interact with you during the dive without any dangers.

The Mediterranean Sea is home to many curiosities, including rays; therefore, from Palma Aquarium we offer the opportunity to visualize the seabed and have a closer look at the life of the rays, something that you will undoubtedly love. We must value the idea that it is a different activity and an alternative to other diving activities. The fact of being able to snorkel in Mallorca with the rays allows you to enjoy, therefore, an aquatic activity with which to learn about the marine fauna.

The tranquility of snorkeling is combined with the possibility of getting in contact with the rays. A time of calm and learning where, precisely, you will have the opportunity to get close to this marine animal. It is not an easy task, so the aquarium guides will accompany you during the activity. At Palma Aquarium we want everyone to be able to enjoy this opportunity and visualize the movement of the rays in the water while you dive using the goggles and snorkel.

What to do with children in Mallorca? 

When traveling to Mallorca this question may arise: what to do with the children? Basically, there may be different leisure activities that are commonly known, but why not look for another alternative that is feasible for all members of the family and easy to practice?

So that children can learn about marine fauna and enjoy a fun and leisure activity to the maximum, there is the possibility of going to Palma Aquarium and have a unique experience with the rays.

Diving with this marine species is something that the little ones will undoubtedly love. At all times there is supervision over the activity and there is no risk whatsoever; in fact, it can be considered an effective way for them to enjoy the water and the animals for a while. It is considered an interesting formula to make children get out of the routine and find in the rays an interesting animal for their knowledge. They are going to check their movements, the way they move, the calm they transmit and the feeling that they are very friendly.

For this reason, at Palma Aquarium we want children to have direct contact with the stingrays and learn about their lifestyle and how they coexist with other marine species. However, the rays will be completely controlled in the aquarium to be protected and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The aim is to recreate the environment they usually have in the Mediterranean.

Activities in Mallorca all year round

At Palma Aquarium we offer all kinds of aquatic activities throughout the year. On the one hand, it is worth mentioning the preparation and layout of rooms that are perfectly adapted for visits. The aim is for the public to be able to visualize the marine species of the Mediterranean directly

It is about recreating an underwater world where you can contemplate the secrets of the sea and learn more about all the fauna that you can find in the sea. Some of the water activities in Mallorca that we offer are the following:

  • Children's camps in Mallorca

  • Sleeping with sharks, one of the best plans in Mallorca

  • Aquadome, the immersive 4D experience

  • Diving with sharks 

  • Free visit to the Mallorca Aquarium

  • Shark Vision Boat

  • Beyond Water Tour

  • Art Aquarium

  • Nautilus Park

Throughout the year, the aquarium is open and available for you to learn about the marine species that inhabit the depths of the sea, and at the same time you can see them firsthand. 

In addition, the aquarium offers you the possibility of doing activities for children in Mallorca directly in the water with the animals, so snorkeling with rays is one of the most requested, both for its simplicity and for how much you can enjoy these animals in salt water with your family.

When looking for a time to disconnect while doing a recreational activity, Palma Aquarium is open all year round for you to live unique experiences.

FAQs about Snorkelling with Rays

What does this activity entail?

The activity consists of snorkelling in our stingray tank.

Is it suitable for all ages?

Yes, it is suitable for all ages.

If I'm scared, can I go out whenever I want?

Of course, you can leave whenever you need to.

How deep do you have to dive to live the experience?

It is not scuba diving, you will only swim on the surface.

Is it necessary to do a previous course to be able to snorkel?

No, it is not necessary to take a course prior to this activity.

If I have to catch a flight the next day, can I do the activity?

Of course, unlike scuba diving, this activity does not involve pressure changes.

How long does the activity last?

The activity lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Are stingrays protected species?

They are not protected species, but we share love and care for all species.

What other activities does Palma Aquarium offer in Mallorca?

Currently, we have Backstage, Aquadome and Shark Vision Boat available.

Is the activity included in my standard ticket?

There are multiple complementary activities to your standard ticket which you can see here.

What equipment do I need?

You don't need any equipment, at Palma Aquarium we have everything you need for this experience.

During what times will I be able to do the activity?

From 11:00h to 14:00h and from 15:00h to 17:00h