Join in the special activities at Palma Aquarium to celebrate World Ocean Day

8th June, World Ocean Day, is an important date on the calendar and an opportunity to reflect on the importance of conserving and protecting the oceans that cover more than 70% of our planet’s surface. The Antarctic, Arctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans all play an essential role in making the Earth a habitable place, regulating the climate and providing resources and food.

However, due to the dramatic effects of climate change, the planet is facing a growing number of challenges, including temperature changes, rising sea levels or the loss of marine biodiversity. Raising awareness of the challenges facing our oceans is the first step to protecting them and curbing the consequences of climate change that impact on them.

Here at Palma Aquarium, our aim is to drive efforts to protect and care for the oceans with our special ‘WORLD OCEAN WEEK’ programme, which will take place between 6th and 9th June. It includes a wide range of dynamic and educational activities so that young and old alike can learn how climate change is affecting our oceans and what they can do to conserve them.

  1. ‘Recycled toy’ workshop

With this fun-filled activity, children can let their creativity run riot, using recycled materials collected during our beach cleanups to bring a unique and very special toy to life.

  1. Ocean Quiz Roulette

This quiz is an opportunity to discover a wealth of fascinating facts about the marine world and how we can contribute to its conservation.

  1. Experience Labs

Guided by our Ocean Experts, these labs provide an intriguing insight into the effects climate change is having on a number of marine ecosystems.

  1. Ocean Guardians

Explore the amazing diversity of the oceans and the threats they face with our Ocean Guardians, the experts from the Palma Aquarium Foundation.

  1. Talk to our Divers and Aquarists

A unique opportunity to discover everything you’ve always wanted to know, chatting to our divers and aquarists while you enjoy watching them feed the marine animals.

Palma Aquarium offers you the chance to join our conservation drive, learning and collaborating with the protection of our oceans. So come and join us between 6th and 9th June to celebrate World Ocean Day and share our philosophy of “Knowledge to appreciate, and appreciating to respect and conserve”.

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