"IMPERFECTION": Jewellery with a purpose: to conserve the marine environment

Renowned Mallorcan jewellery designer Isabel Guarch has launched her exclusive collection “IMPERFECTION”, in association with the Palma Aquarium Foundation. A collection with a very special purpose: to generate awareness of the consequences human actions have on sea life and to raise funds for the essential conservation work carried out by the Palma Aquarium Foundation.

The name of this collection, “IMPERFECTION”, symbolises the experience of sea turtles when they lose one of their flippers due to ghost fishing nets. Isabel Guarch’s intention behind this name was to transmit a powerful message: “Let’s perfect the imperfect”. It’s time to become aware of the problems facing sea life. Through this unique collaboration, the designer invites us to reflect and take action.

In this interview, the designer defines herself as “a true lover of animals and the sea. Turtles bring these two things together, and the opportunity to express the suffering of these animals and the Foundation’s work through jewellery has been a truly unique source of inspiration”.

In order to raise awareness of the negative impact on sea life of human activities, the designer decided to join forces and contribute to this noble cause. Isabel describes her mission as follows: “My aim is for the jewellery I create to make visible the serious problem turtles experience when they get caught up in fishing nets or ropes that strangle their flippers.”

Not only will part of the profits from sales of the pendants go to the Palma Aquarium Foundation, but also this new collection will provide a visual and tangible representation of the challenges facing sea turtles in their struggle to survive in an environment affected by human activity. Each piece tells a unique and immensely moving story, reminding us of the importance of protecting and conserving our priceless marine ecosystem.

However, this collaboration will not end with just one collection. Isabel Guarch went on to explain that “My idea is for the turtles I’ve designed to be the first item in a collection of jewellery that each year reflects one of the Palma Aquarium Foundation’s projects”. With her creation, the designer seeks to generate awareness and ongoing support for marine conservation.

As Isabel says, “nature and small things are an endless source of inspiration. My collections capture the essence of the Mediterranean and Mallorca, reflecting the island’s warm light and vibrant colours. Each jewel is a unique form of expression that brings out the beauty of those that wear it”.  

We couldn’t be more excited about the launch of the “IMPERFECTION” and the positive impact we are confident it will have on marine conservation. If you’d like to be part of this initiative, discover the jewellery with a purpose designed by Isabel Guarch and acquire this exclusive item, you’ll find it on sale at the Palma Aquarium shop.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the change and make a real difference!

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