Snorkelling with rays: A unique aquatic experience on Mallorca

The Mediterranean Sea is home to countless marine species, including the ray. At the Palma Aquarium, we offer you a unique opportunity to experience a close-up encounter with these fascinating creatures with this thrilling activity. Discover the beauty of these animals whilst you have fun learning about marine wildlife.

Snorkelling with rays at the Palma Aquarium is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines excitement, education and environmental awareness. Dive into the tank where these amazing marine creatures live and enjoy a swim with them.

Our Ocean Experts will share their knowledge of rays and other marine species, providing a fascinating insight into their behaviour and the essential role they play in the marine ecosystem. You’ll learn how to conserve and protect these aquatic environments to guarantee their survival and that of future generations.

Snorkelling is a fun activity for all the family. At Palma Aquarium, you’ll have the opportunity to experience snorkelling with rays inside our park. During your aquatic adventure, you’ll be able to marvel at the grace and elegance of the rays as they swim around you, observing close-up their bodies and characteristic undulating movements. Don’t worry if you have no previous snorkelling experience: this activity is designed for all ages and abilities.

Our experts will be right by your side throughout the experience, guaranteeing your safety and comfort. Before entering the water, you’ll receive a brief but highly informative talk and instructions from our marine life experts. We’ll also provide you with all the equipment you need to dive in complete comfort and enjoy this aquatic adventure to the full.

Apart from enjoying this experience, you’ll have the chance to admire the more than 8,000 marine creatures corresponding to 700 different species, ranging from the brightly coloured tropical fish to sharks, piranhas and sea turtles that live in the Palma Aquarium. You’ll be thrilled by the diversity of marine life and the ecosystems.

Whatever time of year you visit, at the Palma Aquarium you’re guaranteed to find unique and very special experiences designed for your enjoyment. We offer a host of options for discovering and learning about marine life. From children’s camps to sleeping with sharks and immersive 3D cinema experiences and even swimming with sharks, we’ve got activities to suit all tastes and ages.

Discover the fascinating underwater world and make lasting memories with your family whilst connecting with Mallorca’s marine life. Purchase your tickets here. 

We’ll see you at the Palma Aquarium, ready to enjoy unique experiences!

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