Advice and good practice to help sea turtles

The sea turtles found in the Balearic sea have a wide variety of problems that are life threatening

When they are ill, they float on the surface, allowing themselves to by pulled by the current, and often they offer practically no resistance when they are caught due to their poor health.

Often, to the naked eye, it can seem like the animals don’t present any health problems, masking possible poor health resulting from the intake of plastic or fish hooks, pneumonia, etc…

Remember that all species of sea turtles are in danger of extinction (UCIN).

These good practices could mean saving the life of one of them

1. If you find an entangled sea turtle, lift it on board and call 112. You should NEVER untangle and free it, since it could be worse for the animal.

2. If you find a sea turtle, you don’t need to keep it in water, it can be in the dry but in the shade.

3. If you find a sea turtle, lift it on board and cover it with a wet towel. NEVER cover the head and be careful with its mouth, they can bite.

4. If you find a sea turtle with a fish hook lodged in them, NEVER take it out. Call 112.

5. If you find a sea turtle with a fishing line coming out of its mouth or cloaca, NEVER pull the fishing line. Call 112.

6. If you find a sea turtle, even if it is dead, please call 112.

7. If you find a sea turtle and you lift it on board to transport it to a port where the rescue team collects it, NEVER transport it turned onto its shell.

8. Any time you find a sea turtle, call 112!

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