4 original christmas gifts: Aqua - Experiences

Are you tired of always giving the same things at Christmas?
This season we suggest 4 original gifts for you to give to your special people at Christmas.

The holidays are just around the corner. The lights are shining, the music is playing but, sometimes, originality is missing. Do you need some new ideas for gifts this Christmas?
This Christmas, give Aqua experiences for one, for two, or for all the family. The perfect alternative for surprising your loved ones: give them unique, new and different experiences.

1. Diving with sharks

If you’re as passionate about marine life as we are, you’re sure to have heard about this activity, and if you like strong emotions, adrenaline and sharks, this is definitely the activity for you.

Perhaps you’ve said you would do it many times before, or perhaps the opportunity hasn’t arisen. But, whatever the case, the moment has arrived.

Immerse yourself in the Big Blue in one of the deepest tanks in Europe, with 3.5 million litres of sea water and a depth of 8.5 metres, where you can enjoy a dive with an instructor from Palma Aquarium and 10 species of shark.

If you’re looking for a gift that is different and special, this is the ideal choice both to share or to give.

You can dive with sharks with or without a licence, it also includes a free entry to Palma Aquarium for the participant and one accompanying guest, as well as diving equipment and instructor.
Reserve your gift here for diving with sharks with a licence  or diving with sharks without a licence.

2. Sleeping with sharks

The adventure that the most intrepid little ones dream of. A different kind of camping under the big blue. They will spend the night out with our monitors and other little ones of their own age, sharing activities, games, new discoveries and a lot of fun. They will sleep in the Big Blue observatory, one of the largest shark tanks in Europe in which there are sharks, rays and hundreds of specimens of other Mediterranean species.

The activity includes supper, breakfast and many activities such as games, gymkhana, anecdotes about sharks and a ride on the Shark Vision Boat.

An original experience to amaze the littlest ones, from 6 to 12 years of age. A super gift to share with their cousins or with their best friends.

Choose the dates available for Sleeping with sharks here

There is also a Special Christmas Edition available which will take place on 23 December 2022 with begins at 19:30 hrs and ends the following day at 11:00hrs. All the children need is their pyjamas, their toothbrush, washbag and sleeping bag. Reserve the most special Christmas gift now. Registration from here.

3. Ocean Pass

For those who are passionate about the marine world and who enjoy rediscovering places, the best gift is an unlimited Annual Pass for Palma Aquarium!

Visiting the aquarium as many times as you like in a year offers a lot. Palma Aquarium is more than a marine park, we faithfully recreate and reproduce ecosystems and habitats of the seas and oceans of the world. We have a living coral exhibition which is the only one in the world, one of the deepest shark tanks in Europe and our Jungle is the largest roof garden in Spain and one of the biggest in Europe.

In total, there are 24.000 m2 of installations housing over 8.000 specimens from 700 species of flora and fauna from around the world. We have the best Ocean Expert team, who works to reveal curiosities to you and amazing news about all these species, as well as helping you to discover the incredible conservation work that takes place at the park.

A different experience with each visit. Unlimited for a year. An unforgettable choice of gift, both for an individual or for a family.

Give an annual pass here Family Ocean Pass or an Individual Ocean Pass.

4. Palma Aquarium VIP Pack

The most prized gift is always time. What better for this Christmas than to gift an experience as a family or with friends with a visit to Palma Aquarium with 3D Cinema Aquadome + a ride on the Shark Vision Boat + a Meal.

Visit Palma Aquarium and get the most out of the experience on the seafloor by having a day out with the little ones of the house. Apart from the visit, throughout the tour, you will find the interactive “Whales” display, entrance to the Nautilus Park children’s park, where they can play and relax in the café, enjoy the Art Aquarium creative space, and the different areas for resting comfortably in front of the aquariums.

The perfect moment for having a special day out has arrived.
The most original gift for this Christmas is at Aqua – Experiences at Palma Aquarium and Choose the best one for that special person!

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