Today is World Environment Day

Today, 5th June, is World Environment Day, a very special day that we should all celebrate. That’s why, at Palma Aquarium and its Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, we can’t let this day pass without asking you to consider what the environment means to the human being.

Nature and its biodiversity is, in reality, what gives us life, natural surroundings offer us a multitude of essential resources, water, oxygen, medicines, food and energy, amongst others. Furthermore, it controls the climate and maintains the conditions which make planet Earth a habitable place for the human being. Without forgetting that enjoying its immense beauty gives us a feeling of indescribable well-being.

Can you imagine living without it? Simply, we couldn’t, it would be unbearable!

No problem that we would call a major problem, such as health, work, family, the economy, etc., would be of value if we don’t have a healthy and balanced environment.

We invite you to carry out a mental exercise. Whenever we think about the environment, the image of a mountain, countryside, oceans, animals, nature and life come to mind automatically. However, if we continue thinking about this mental exercise, we end up with the vision of the threats that the natural environment faces.

Happiness and relaxation change to become worry, a feeling of danger. So, if we analyse both situations, we realise that the first answers are an instinctive act and then the second reflections are more thought about, more considered. This tells us that intrinsically we are all conscious that we must respect, protect and preserve everything that gives us life… In short, the environment.

Happy Day of the Environment!

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