Sea Charity Walk

The Palma Aquarium Foundation organises a coastal clean up and walk which includes environmental advice throughout the route.

The activity begins in the entrance area to Palma Aquarium, where volunteers from the foundation will provide registered participants with a kit comprising of a participant number, rubbish bag, gloves and t shirt. Participants can deposit their donation of €3 per person in the donations box when the collect their kits.

The route is a coastal walk towards Es Carnatge (towards Palma). Participants will collect rubbish whilst they walk towards the first environmental education stand, situated on the beach of Cala Estancia. If they need to change bags, they can leave full bags and collect new ones at this time. This first stand will give information about the importance and the threats of the Posidonia oceánica (seagrass).

Participants continue along the coastal line, collecting more rubbish until they reach the second point situated at the entrance of Es Carnatge. Here, at this second stop, volunteers from the Foundation will emphasise the importance of this area, since Es Carnatge is the last natural area within the Bay of Palma. Participants will have access through Es Carnatge to small inlets on the beach where they continue to collect rubbish. This second point will also be a place where they can hand in full rubbish bags and collect more new ones.

The walk will continue through Es Carnatge, where a third stand will be found and where the Foundation team will provide participants with a piece of fruit. The last stop will be at the end of Es Carnatge, where volunteers will carry out a simulation activity of a sea animal rescue. 

Also at this last stand, there will be a raffle where participants will hand in their registration number and bib and they will be able to win big prizes.

There is a limited capacity of 500 participants.

Part of the rubbish collected will be handed in to the PROARTSO Association so they can build a sculpture with the rubbish collected.

This activity is organised by the Palma Aquarium Foundation, and the collaborating party is TIRME.

To take part you must register.

Together we raise awareness!

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