Looking for something different to do on Mallorca? Discover an underwater world

Treat your partner, friends or family to an outing with a difference. Read on to discover all about the island’s most original and exciting plan. Now you can take a voyage around the underwater world without leaving Mallorca.

The Mediterranean

Explore the part of our islands that often goes unnoticed: the underwater life of our  “Mare Nostrum”. Discover close-up some of the most iconic species of the Balearic coastline, as well as the major threats facing their ecosystems.

Here you will learn about starfish, lobsters, scorpion fish, crabs, moray eels, rays, seahorses, octopuses and many other species of fish endemic to the Balearic Sea, as well as real coral species such as sea pens, red corals or gorgonians.

In addition, throughout the tour, our team of Ocean Experts will let you in on some of the most surprising secrets about life in the planet’s oceans and seas.

Tropical seas

You’ll be amazed by this fabulous recreation of the world’s largest tropical ocean ecosystems. Embark on a journey around Oceania, Asia and America to observe close-up all the beauty of the New World. You’ll discover the immense natural treasures of the coral barriers and learn why it is so important to conserve these reefs that play a vital role in saving and protecting the oceans.

Take a voyage into the depths of the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans with this exhibition unlike any other in the world. Join your fellow adventurers on a journey of surprises and marvel at the intense colours, sinuous forms and flowing textures that sway gently in the warm tropical waters.


Meet the humpback whales that live off the coasts of Hawaii and enjoy a virtual immersion at the Aquadome 3D Cinema to watch the film “Whales, the giants of the ocean“, a Coral World International production filmed over several months to obtain real images of the life of these majestic animals. The interactive exhibition provides a further insight into this species, offering a host of surprising and fascinating facts about these gentle ocean giants.

The Jungle

The next stage of your adventure will take you to the Jungle. Spain’s largest rooftop garden and one of the biggest in Europe will transport you to one of the planet’s most biodiverse ecosystems, the Amazon Rainforest.  Ferns, sequoias, orchids, the Amazon River and a 7-metre high waterfall are just a few of the surprises awaiting you and your fellow adventurer in this space.

The Big Blue

Palma Aquarium’s largest tank is one of the biggest and deepest in Europe. Holding more than 3.5 million tons of saltwater, it is home to a range of species, including 10 sandbar and brown sharks. Here you’ll have the chance to observe close-up  and in detail one of the greatest predators of the world’s seas and oceans, a little-known and much maligned species, as these beautiful animals rarely attack humans. The Big Blue dispels the myths that have earned these species their reputation as dangerous or aggressive animals.  Here you will be able to see them living with other species such as rays, corvinas or groupers and watch as their keepers feed them.

In addition, this space offers you the chance to learn even more about the species that inhabit the Aquarium on board  the Shark Vision Boat, a glass-bottom vessel that allows you to observe the Aquarium bed.


Our diving with sharks activity (with or without a licence) will add the perfect finishing to your tour. A unique experience in which you can swim with these amazing animals and the other species that inhabit the waters with them.


So how about taking a voyage around the world without leaving Mallorca? We’ll see you at the Palma Aquarium to share with you our small tribute to the natural life on our planet.


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