Be immersed in their world

This break-through interactive encounter gives a deeper understanding and connection with Humpback whales, also known as the 'gentle giants' of the ocean.

Engage with their world and get closer to their behaviors, migratory routes and bonds between mother and calf.

Observe and discover

Big as a school bus, and weighting 40 tons, humpback whales are the gentle giants of the ocean.
Make your connection with these magnificent creatures in a superb 3D multi-sensory experience.

Be surrounded by their enchanting songs, in the only immersive ocean experience in Europe.

Did you know?


Every autumn, humpback whales leave Alaska where they have been feeding for months and travel 3,000 miles to the warm waters of Hawaii where they mate and give birth to their young.

Photo identification

The whales' tails have unique marks, scars and patterns. As with our fingerprints, these marks can be used for individual identification of the whales.

Whale babies

Whale pregnancy lasts 11 months, the calf that is about 4 meters long and stays with its mother for its first year of life. Breastfed babies need around 500 liters of breast milk.