Tropical Seas

Europe's largest coral exhibition

Coral reefs are delicate ecosystems for countless marine species. In Palma Aquarium you will be able to see a representation of the largest tropical oceanic ecosystems in the world (Indian, Atlantic and Pacific).

With more than 70 different species, the aquarium of the Balearic Islands houses the largest collection of living corals in Europe. In addition, many of the corals' specimens have been born in the aquarium itself. Due to the complexity of coral reproduction, especially if it is done in a controlled artificial environment, this is totally unique.

Life and color

The activity in the coral reefs can be compared to the bustle of a big city forming an ecosystem in which each species has its role to find balance.

In this part of the tour, the tropical ecosystems of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans are represented. Everything becomes colorful and particularily the corals compete for the prize for the best costume. Turquoise blue, canary yellow, passion red and orange triumph are everywhere and can be found in species such as surgeonfish, clownfish, pufferfish or anemones (first cousins of corals).

From corals to clownfish, join us for exciting stories told by our ocean experts.

Meet the inhabitants

Butterfly Fish

Find the Butterflyfish, the best ally of the coral reefs. It eliminates anemones and other pests that damage corals.

Napoleon Fish

Watch our Napoleon fish sleep in their little coves. They usually sleep in the same place!

Cleaning Wash

This small fish is in charge of cleaning and deworming other fish inside the coral areas. They are real cleaning professionals and when one does a good job, they may even have a line of "customers" waiting for their turn.

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