Big Blue

The kingdom of Sharks

In the Great Blue you can learn about species that are at the top of the foo chain. It is an impressive space due to its dimensions as we as the beauty of the species that live there. It is one of the deepest and biggest shark tanks in Europe.

It contains more than 3.5 M of salt water where species such as the Sandbar shark and the Sand tiger shark, as well as many other varieties of animal species live.

Discover the immensity of the ocean

To be able to see a shark up close and notice details such as its strong jaw, its gaze and its robust body is an impressive experience. Although it is one of the most important predators in the oceans, it is actually a stigmatised species in film and literature that rarely attacks humans, basically because we are not part of its diet.

The different sharks live in total harmony with other animal species, dispelling their myth of being a dangerous species. Every day, visitors to Palma Aquarium can see our divers feeding them in total tranquillity alongside other species such as rays, corvinas, groupers, amberjacks and remoras.

The sensation of being part of this natural scene is total, not only because of the large dimensions of the Big Blue. The reflection of the natural openings of the sunlight and the wandering sharks radiate a true sense of the depths of the ocean.

Meet the locals


The sharks at Palma Aquarium recognize our divers! Watch sharks and divers interact and play together .

Grouper fish

Our groupers like to be caressed. That's how we wormed them!

Big blue

With more than 1000 animals in our big blue, we had to teach animals to eat in different areas of the marine enclosure.  This way, everyone can eat in peace!

Who lives here