The Mediterranean Sea is a closed sea with very little water renewal; this factor has forced its different species to evolve so that they can adapt to conditions that are more difficult than those of the open sea.

The Mediterranean represents 0.8% of the world's oceanic surface but contains 7% of all catalogued marine species, 25% - 30% of which are not found anywhere else in the world. In other words, they are endemic.

In this part of the visit, discover with Palma Aquarium the species closest to you.

Understand to protect

The rich beauty of the Mediterranean Sea transports you to the ancient "Mare Nostrum", discovering a lesser known Mallorca beneath its calm waters.

Get to know some of the most peculiar species of fauna and flora of the Mediterranean seabed such as the Posidonia oceanica better. Posidonia is not a seaweed but an essential plant for the Mediterranean. It is a protected species, produces much of the sea's oxygen, filters and keeps the waters clean and offers shelter to thousands of marine animals in its meadows.

Due to overfishing, pollution, massive coastal construction and even invasive species, the Mediterranean Sea is currently the world's most threatened sea.

The Mediterranean needs help and requires stricter and more immediate conservation measures, legislation to better regulate fishing gear, clean-up programs and prohibition of dumping, expansion of marine reserves and larger dimensions,.... Those and many more, could be the solutions to preserve the Mediterranean.

Meet the inhabitants

Crossbow Fish

Listen to the sounds that triggerfish make during feeding time. They have a strong jaw with teeth adapted to crush and break shells. You can hear them breaking stones or mollusks when it is time to feed.


Everything about these fantastic animals is surprising. Many oddities make these little animals unique, such as the fact that the male is the one who carries the eggs until the juveniles are born. Therefore, we talk about "pregnant dads" here. All our seahorses have been born at Palma Aquarium!


Get to know the octopuses, with their eight tentacles, three hearts and nine brains, better. Everyday, they demonstrate their intelligence and surprise with their movements. Come and see how our expert guides interact and play with them.

Who lives in the Mediterranean?