An outdoor adventure!

Let the sound, exotic vegetation and smells immerse you in a wild environment.
The jungle allows you to interact with nature and includes an exciting 7m high waterfall.
Meet our Amazonian piranhas and the prehistoric-looking snapping turtle with alligator.

A walk on the wild side

Palma Aquarium is a journey of discovery.

Feel the soft jungle floor beneath your feet, the humid air and listen to the waterfall.

This microclimate is a perfect enclosure for our jungle life.

Meet the locals


Largely solitary creatures, alligators' bodies are covered with a large and strong armour of scales. It uses its long jaws with very sharp teeth to catch fish and crustaceans.

Red Devil

The protruding head of the Red Devil is a distinctive feature of the males. These fish form monogamous pairs, with both father and mother caring for the eggs and rearing the young.

Softshell turtle

In an extraordinary evolutionary move, this turtle has evolved a flexible shell to avoid being trapped in habitats cluttered with branches and trunks.

Who lives here?