A space to relax

The area dedicated to jellyfish is one of the most relaxing of our facilities. Designed for disconnection from the earthly world and contemplation, it allows the visitor to sit and admire the hypnotic movement of the jellyfish.

The design of these tanks offers a special illumination with different types of colours that highlight the peculiar movement of this millenary species, as close to us as it is unknown.

One of the most ancient creatures in the world

Jellyfish are one of the world's oldest living creatures, with evidence of their existence dating back 700 million years.

Jellyfish blend in well with their environment, as their bodies lack identifying features such as bones or eyes. They are about 98% water and have tentacles covered with tiny stinging cells, used to capture prey.

Unlike other marine animals, which are threatened by global warming, jellyfish are less affected by rising temperatures, pH levels and overfishing.

At Palma Aquarium we can find jellyfish such as the Aurelia Aurita, one of the most common species in the Mediterranean Sea that you can see up close with us.