Journey into the marine world

Uncover the treasures of the underwater world when you visit Majorca.
With our ocean experts, visit inspirational ocean exhibits, interact with sea life and choose from authentic marine activities. Escape into an extraordinary marine experience!

Explore life in the ocean

  • Mediterranean

    The deep  marine life of the Mediterranean sea is home to thousands of aquatic species.

    Sink into an immersive encounter with star fish, wrasses, groupers and rays.

    From sea-horses to octopuses, this part of the Mediterranean is abundant with a wild energy and life, exclusive to the Balearics.
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  • Tropical Seas

    Tour the tropical seas.

    A coral reef in the ocean, like an oasis in the desert, is a sensitive ecosystem and vital sanctuary for marine life, providing both food and shelter.

    Surround yourself with color, life and excitement at the best coral reef display in Europe.
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  • Gardens

    Enter the bustling worlds of our resident sea turtles, stingrays and Koi fish in our spacious Mediteranean gardens.

    Take some time to enjoy the sunshine and the shade of cypress, carob and olive trees.

    Meet us in the playground, where you can visit a shipwreck, join a treasure hunt and meet our entertainment team.
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  • Jungle

    Step inside the Jungle.

    Reach into the steamy rainforest and experience the sounds, exotic vegetation, humidity and underwater life of the Amazon.

    Meet our Amazonian piranhas and the prehistoric-looking Alligator Snapping Turtle, next to a 7m high waterfall.
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  • Whales

    Take a walk through an interactive exhibition where you can learn about their biology, their migratory routes, their diet and the endearing relationship between mothers and their babies in an innovative way. You will also learn the story of how the discovery about their songs (made by a small group of people) changed the world's perception of them and triggered a social movement to save them.

    A journey that will change everything you thought you knew about these incredible beings.
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  • Big Blue

    Immerse yourself in Palma Aquarium's most iconic aquarium and the kingdom of sharks.

    With impressive measurements and figures; 33 meters long, 25 meters wide, 8.5 meters deep and housing 3.5 million liters of salt water, the Big Blue of Palma Aquarium is one of Europe's deepest shark aquariums. Due to the dimensions of this tank, it can only be traveled in a boat adapted for this purpose.

    The Big Blue was built below sea level and undertook a special waterproofing process. This space strongly evokes the feeling of being submerged in the depths of the ocean representing the pelagic zones.
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  • Jellyfish

    Let yourself be hypnotized by their smooth movements and discover the planet's oldest creatures in a cylindrical aquarium. A thought-out construction in which the water circulation pressure must be optimal for the animals in order to be carried away by the current.

    Enjoy watching the dances, colors as well as the magic of these fascinating creatures in Palma Aquarium's medusarium.
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Ocean Giants

Sink into a whale adventure in the Aquadome

Journey into the magnificent realm of humpback whales. Be surrounded by the gentle giants of the ocean and be immersed in their enchanting songs and their fascinating life stories. The only 360° Whale experience in Europe!

Daily Encounters

Get to know the locals at feeding times!
Learn the secrets of the underwater world through our expert guides.

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Our visitors say

  • "Wonderful place"

    Travelbird19 Tripadvisor
    A beautiful must do Aquarium with or without kids. Beatifull collection of all kinds of fishes.
  • "Great to spend the day with the family"

    Bobbyclash Tripadvisor
    The Palma Aquarium is very good for children and not so young, there are several play areas, both exterior and interior with a chiquipark.
    Apart from the summer months when it is full, it is a good time to visit. Several routes to make of different environments, and the interior areas very well structured. A little pricey for non-residents but it won't disappoint the little ones.
  • "Marine curiosities"

    Santi Tripadvisor
    The Aquarium is very interesting, it is very well prepared, especially for the little ones who are amazed by seeing the animals, I think there are eleven sharks and some of them beautiful, natural coral and many species of animals, very interesting what they have mounted to follow the sounds of whales.