Backstage: a unique tribute to nature on Mallorca

This spring sees the return of Backstage, the source of all the life that thrives in Palma Aquarium.

A tribute to nature that’s back for the most colourful season of the year; this is your opportunity to admire it in all its splendour, even under the sea!


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at an aquarium? Palma Aquarium is home to thousands of tropical and Mediterranean specimens: turtles, sharks, seahorses and an exhibition of live corals unlike any other in the world. 700 species from around the world that are a source of endless fascination and learning.

Backstage has returned to reveal what goes on behind the scenes at the marine park, where the finest technical team and volunteers work each day to ensure the protection and conservation of the marine world.

Guided by our Ocean Experts, your tour will include five stops: the quarantine tanks, the restocking project, the coral nursery, the animal kitchens and Palma Aquarium Foundation’s marine fauna recovery centre. An exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour to discover just part of the work involved in protecting and conserving some of our most precious resources: the seas and oceans.

A unique experience that also give you the chance to contribute to the health of our oceans, as part of each admission fee is donated to the Palma Aquarium Foundation to support the amazing work they do in disseminating, educating and conserving marine life.

Being aware of the importance of respecting and caring for all the planet’s ecosystems is essential for their conservation. This is why, for more than 15 years, we have worked to conserve our consolidated position as a benchmark for marine life observation and knowledge, enabling us to offer our visitors a greater awareness and insight into the threats our seas and oceans face.

You too can contribute to a better and more sustainable future. Every little helps.

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