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The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean has been the cradle of civilisations for thousands of years and its marine depths, at once so close and so mysterious, are home to many different types of marine species.

Our 25 aquariums bring you face to face with star fish, wrasses, groupers, elegant rays, peculiar and much-loved sea horses, provocative eels and intelligent octopuses.

These are just some of the species which make up one of the most diverse marine fauna in the world.

In the Mediterranean area you will come across our 'Touch Pool', a tank which allows you to interact with its inhabitants and learn about them first hand.

You will also find a wide variety of Mediterranean corals and anemones living alongside the rest of the inhabitants in what is definitely one of the most fascinating seas in the world.  

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Tropical Seas 

Colour, jubilance, exuberance, joy and exoticism.

Welcome to Palma Aquarium's Tropical area - home to the largest collection of live corals in Spain and Europe!

Walking through this area feels like floating in a colourful fantasy; it is a joyful world where you will discover fishes flaunting dreamlike tones and patterns - a true explosion of colour and life.

In this unique setting fishes such as the clown fish live alongside an awe-inspiring variety of corals. Did you know that many of these coral were born and bred here in Palma Aquarium?

This area consists of over 25 aquariums and they take you on a journey through the world's tropical seas and oceans to discover the huge diversity of flora and fauna which inhabits these waters.

You will have the chance to meet the fun goldfish, the tang fish, the unique puffer fish and the agile blacktip reef shark.

What are you waiting for? The tropical seas await!

The Palma Aquarium Gardens

Palma Aquarium is proud of its 12.000m2 of open-air gardens, an extensive display of the Mediterranean's exquisite flora.

As well as the gardens, we have an outdoor playground for children, and area for the little ones to play and enjoy themselves on bouncy castles, a pirate ship or in our water fountains, very much appreciated during the summer months.

Take a stroll through the gardens and discover the sea turtles tank with its Carribean sand beach. You can also dive with the rays in one of our outdoor tanks and partake in one of Palma Aquarium's most enjoyable activities, suitable for both adults and children.

And don't forget to stop at our buffet or summer bar, the Mediterra or the Oasis, for a relaxing break.

Gentle giants of the sea

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of the humpback whale.

This interactive exhibit will teach you about their biology, their migratory routes, the food they eat, the research that has been done on whales and the close bond between mother and calf.

You will also learn about how the discovery of whale song that was made by a small group of people changed the way the world views the whale, and how this was responsible for the birth of the social movement to save them.

Are you ready to compose your own whale song?

How many crabs do you weigh?

How many crabs do you think a baby whale weighs?

This tour will change everything you thought you knew about these incredible beings.

The Jungle

On entering this wonderful area of the park you will feel like you are stepping into a rainforest.

This roof garden is one of the largest in Europe and features a 7m high waterfall.

Our jungle recreates the Amazon rainforest, even down to the air humidity. The jungle's inhabitants include Amazonian piranhas and the prehistoric-looking Alligator Snapping Turtle.

Experience the Amazonian rainforest will all your senses.

Big Blue 

At Palma Aquarium we honoured to have one of the most spectacular and deepest tanks in Europe: the majestic Big Blue.

At almost 9 metres deep it contains 3.5 million litres of salt water and is home to 11 sharks of two different species; the majestic sand tiger shark and the agile sandbar shark.

Both live peacefully together with other marine species such as the common stingray or the eagle ray, the greater amber jack or the stunning sea bream.

So many of our visitors, on seeing the incredible Big Blue from the outside, are left with an urge to see more. And this is why we have our Shark Vision Boat, a boat designed exclusively for Palma Aquarium, on wich you board and can explore all 33 meters wide of the Big Blue tank from above.


Jellyfish Tank

700 million years ago, or in other words, during the dinosaur era, one of the planet's most bizarre creatures was already to be found swimming in the seas: the jellyfish.

At Palma Aquarium we have dedicated a whole area exclusively to these magnificent creatures, so that visitors can admire their light, movement and magic.

There are over 4000 different species of jellyfish, all of which have no brain and are made up of 90% fresh water. Did you know they belong to the same family as corals and anemones?

They also happen to be one of a sea turtle's favourite food to eat.

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