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School visits

Children are the future, so it is adults task to teach them to respect, understand and enjoy the marine world for them to protect and preserve it.

With this in mind, thousands of children from the Balearic Islands visit the aquarium with their schools every year.

The Palma Aquarium classroom, the “Aula Nautilus”, has been designed for school visits where the students perform exciting educational activities. The childrens experience, the sensation of being immersed in the worlds seas and oceans while learning to value and understand marine life through observing our aquariums and attending informative talks is a direct tool to enhance marine ecosystem conservation.

Visits last a minimum of 3 hours and the pupils enjoy their chosen activity alongside their teachers. The visit includes a tour of the park where they see, touch, learn and experience genuine wonder and admiration for the creatures they encounter.

Palma Aquarium has a total of 13 different educational activities to choose from, which vary depending on the children's age and interests.

Our mission is specifc and clear: we want to ascertain that the younger generations aknowledge and cherish the marine world and that by the end of their visit they have learnt something astounding about the sea. 

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