3D Cinema - Whales

Immerse yourself in a virtual experience

Meet the gaze of the giants, in the depths of the ocean. Big as a bus, and weighing 40 tons, the humpback whales glide agilely in the blue sea. Be surrounded by their enchanting songs and learn more about how they communicate.

Exploring and learning more about our environment is certainly one of the best ways to make the most of our free time. Even more so when this process of learning is combined with fun and action. This is the reason why we can guarantee that we only employ professionals who provide their expertise and make sure that every visitor is having an enriching and unforgettable experience in Palma Aquarium.

Apart from the many attractions and workshops that the aquarium in Mallorca offers, you can have the opportunity to see one of Europe’s most spectacular 3D cinemas! Are you curious about swimming with whales, but without getting wet and enjoying the comfort of a dry cinema? Then make yourself comfortable, lean back and let the whale watching adventure begin.

Swim with whales in a 3-D cinema 

How many times in your life will you get the chance to feel completely surrounded by humpback whales? Not often, right? But thanks to our 3D cinema you can enjoy this really rare and incredible experience together with your whole family. This experience is one of the most spectacular and loved attractions offered at Palma Aquarium in Mallorca.

In the 3D movie called "Whales, the giants of the ocean", you will get exciting insights about these fascinating creatures. You will not only learn about their very long life span of over 60 years and their incredible weight of over 40 tons, you will also be able to observe how they travel across the oceans of half of the planet.

Humpback whales have their own language, which is what makes them different from other whales. Still, you will feel closely connected to them when accompanying them on their journey through the world’s oceans. The animals we will show you in this documentary speak with their own dialects, just like the different groups of humpback whales. They are a very intelligent species and create songs that allow them to distinguish themselves from other whales. This allows them to communicate with each other and build and maintain relationships over a distance of more than 20 miles.Male whales demonstrate their artistic skills during the migration and mating season. 

It is not only their special singing that makes them recognizable. You can identify them thanks to their fins, which are distinctive. In fact, each and every whale has its own and unique fin, like a fingerprint that identifies every single one of these big sea giants.

Humpback whales are truly a wonder of nature that must be preserved for our kids and future generations. That's why this 3D documentary teaches you everything you need to know about these special animals. Watching the whales in the movie will feel so real you will have the impression that you are swimming with them in the depths of the sea, feeling their presence and listening to their peculiar song. All of this, without leaving the comfortable chair of the cinema.

When you look into the eyes of these impressive, calm animals, you will feel a special connection to them. This connection is essential to continuously strive for the protection of whales, which are among the largest animals on our planet. To build awareness and appreciation for the treasures of the marine world, we want to provide this educational and entertaining experience, and help you befriend humpback whales.

Join the unique, virtual experience

The large cinema in which you will watch the 360º 3D experience is unquestionably one of the highlights at Palma Aquarium. Thanks to 3D glasses, comfortable seats, good sound quality and headphones will open the doors to the journey through the marine world.

Thanks to the best audio effects and the outstanding sharpness of its images, you will forget about reality and what happens outside of the aquarium. You will be tempted to reach out to touch and pet the humpback whales that you will have watched in the movie.

This totally immersive virtual experience is one of the most popular activities in Mallorca. You will feel like you are dreaming with your eyes open.

The most impressive experience in Mallorca

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One of the most exciting experiences for adults is diving with sharks. After passing a safety course, you will have the opportunity to swim with these misunderstood and fascinating creatures, whilst being guided by our trained experts.

But that’s not the half of it! One of the most popular activities we offer for the youngest visitors is a sleepover with sharks. This allows the kids to camp next to the aquarium and spend an unforgettable night, observing and dreaming about the sharks and other animals. If you want to learn even more about sharks, then the Shark Vision Boat will be of interest to you!

Plan your visit to our Aquarium in Mallorca and open the door to a world full of life. At Palma Aquarium you will feel super close to the sea and get to know our trained expert teams. Why don’t you take the chance to get to know the aquarium during a backstage tour, so you can learn how things are done, feel the enthusiasm and passion we put into our work to make your visit unforgettable? Let’s dive in!

FAQs about 3D Cinema Whales

What is Aquadome?

Aquadome is a film about humpback whales in 3D. One of the most requested activities in Mallorca due to its spectacularity and entertainment for children.

Is 3D cinema included in my standard ticket?

No, you can buy it as an extra with your purchase. There are multiple complementary activities to your standard ticket which you can see here

Which whales will I be able to see in the Aquadome 3D?

At Palma Aquarium's Aquadome you can see the humpback whales of Hawaii. An impressive immersive experience for children and adults alike.

What do you mean by an immersive experience?

The Aquadome is an activity in Mallorca where your 5 senses will be activated to enjoy this whale trip.

Is the Aquadome suitable for all ages?

We recommend the Aquadome for ages 4 and up.

How long does this experience last?

The experience lasts approximately 15 minutes.

How much is the Aquadome?

The price of the Aquadome is currently 5 €.

What times are available for the experience?

You can enjoy this activity every half hour until 17:00.

What other activities in Mallorca does Palma Aquarium offer?

Currently, we have Shark Vision Boat, Backstage Tour and Dive with Sharks available.

In which languages can I watch the film?

You can enjoy the Aquadome in English, German, Spanish and French.