Palma Aquarium 2022

We bid farewell to 2022 with a very special annual assessment in which the marine park has once again filled with life, while coinciding with an key moment in our history, the 15th anniversary of Palma Aquarium.

It’s now 15 years since the marine park opened its doors in the Balearics with one objective in mind: to raise our visitors’ awareness of the importance of looking after, respecting and conserving our marine environment.

It is a tribute to nature, which continues to bring the beauty of the sea within everyone’s reach through environmental education and observation, to encourage admiration and respect for the seafloor, because knowledge is the best tool we have for its conservation.



Every year, the team at Palma Aquarium adds new educational themes to set the course of the visits through the marine park’s galleries. The focus this year has been to raise awareness and value our projects and knowledge of the marine world by supporting the different actions based on 3 basic pillars:

  1. The reproduction and reintroduction projects for vulnerable marine species: The Catshark and Mediterranean seahorse.
  2. Broadening visitor’s knowledge of corals and the complexity of coral reefs.
  3. Discovering the world of plankton and its importance in oceanic ecosystems.

With this route map, our Ocean Experts have given over 720 informative talks to the general public, they have received 900 people through social projects and  charitable associations and we have resumed the environmental education programme which over 7,000 children will take part in during the 2022/23 school year.

Activities and experiences

Sleeping with sharks, kids campus, diving with sharks (with and without licence), Ocean Pass, backstage, snorkel with rays, birthdays, weddings, etc. All the activities at Palma Aquarium have been designed with the same common objective: transmitting and making the marine world known through unique and unforgettable experiences.

In total, over 5,000 children have taken part in the children’s activities during 2022, and almost  9,500 people have enjoyed the rest of the experiences, with alternatives for everyone.


We bid farewell to 2022 and welcome the new year with the aim of continuing to offer our visitors the enriching experience that we strive towards each day. An experience that enables them to learn about and, in particular, to value all the beauty and life that is hidden under the surface. Here’s to a 2023 that allows us to be part of a better and more sustainable future.

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