The best hiking trips in Majorca

Discover the best hiking trips in Majorca! This is a spectacular island and a true paradise in many ways, including its breathtaking landscapes. The Serra de Tramuntana is the star of the show on this Balearic island, as it acts as the backbone that will take you from the sea to the highest peaks, through dreamlike landscapes.

At Palma Aquarium we are in love with Majorca, and we want to introduce you to this jaw-dropping scenery in the best way you can get to know it: on foot. Keep reading if you want to discover the best hiking trips in Majorca!

Trails for all: Explore the diversity of the island’s landscapes

If you are a nature lover, like to discover unique places and are looking for plans in Mallorca, this is the time for you. You don’t need to be an expert mountaineer to enjoy hiking. All you need is comfortable shoes and energy to tackle these trails that are suitable for everyone.

Hiking trail to Sa Foradada

Everyone knows about Sa Foradada, but not many people know that there is a simple and beautiful trail that starts next to the houses of Son Marroig, and goes down to a small pier next to Sa Foradada. This is one of the best plans with children in Mallorca, as it takes only 2 hours and the distance is 7 kilometres each way.

This is a wide and easy-to-follow dirt track, where the only difficulty may be the 300-metre difference in altitude that you will have to overcome on the return route. In addition, halfway through the hike you will come across some donkeys that roam free on their farm, your children will love it!

Puig de Bonany Route

The Puig de Bonany Route is another of the best hiking trips in Mallorca. Not only is it an easy hike, but it is also not very well known, so you won’t have to dodge the tourists to enjoy the views. To begin this experience, you must head for the village of Petra to begin the ascent of its most emblematic mountain: Puig de Bonany.

This is a circular,6-kilometre trail with a positive difference in altitude of 230 metres, so it is perfect for the whole family. Once you reach Puig de Bonany you will find an excellent viewpoint over the bay of Alcudia, a hermitage and an area with benches and tables to rest in the open air.

Discovering nature: The most impressive hiking trails in Mallorca

You probably know the largest of the Balearic Islands for its beaches, its good climate and its exquisite gastronomy, but what many people don’t know is that there are many more things to do in Majorca, at any time of the year. This island has many hiking trails in the wildest nature that you are going to love, here are some of them!

Talaia D’Alcudia hiking trip

The first hike that we present to you is of medium difficulty of about 8.2km and a positive difference in altitude of 653m. It is a very beautiful route that allows you to cross landscapes completely surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and from which you will have privileged views of the sea, the bay of Alcudia and the Cap des Pinars.

This is a perfect route to do in summer or in the hottest seasons, as a large part of the route runs in the shade. Along this excursion you will pass by the Ermita de la Victoria, the Penya des Migdia and the Puig de Romani, to finally reach the Talaia D’Alcudia.

The Biniaraix ravine route

The Barranc de Biniaraix route is another of the best hiking trips in Majorca. It is one of the best paths built with the dry stone technique in Majorca and has been declared of cultural interest for its historical, scenic and environmental value.

The path follows the gorge of the torrent and climbs with a positive difference in altitude of up to 700 metres. This is an easy hiking trail to follow, although you should be prepared to take on the gradient. The scenery along the cobbled path is breathtaking, with the torrent in the background, stone benches, olive groves and views of the horizon.

The Puig del Ofre

The ascent to Puig del Ofre begins at the Cúber reservoir, in the very heart of the Serra de la Tramuntana mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This mountainous setting will take you on a route where the protagonists are the cliffs that offer incomparable views of the open sea.

A hiker’s paradise: the essential trails

The real charm of these routes lies not only in discovering a secluded spot that can only be reached on foot, but the beauty lies along the way. The spectacular views on these routes are what will leave you in awe, which is why we consider them to be one of the must-do activities on your holiday in Majorca.

From Sóller to Valldemossa

Let’s move on to an essential route that you cannot miss on your holidays in the Balearic Islands, as it has become one of the favourite activities in Majorca for all visitors. Sóller and Valldemossa are two of the most important towns on the island and, for this reason, we believe that the best way to get to know them is through a trail that links them both.

The trail goes from Sóller to Valldemossa in 18 kilometres and is truly amazing. As well as crossing some of the prettiest villages in Majorca, you will be able to see some perfectly crafted and preserved dry stone walls.

Circular route through the Bunyola Commune

This is a simple trail full of attractions that has become essential, at least in our humble opinion. To start the hike you have to get to Bunyola and leave your car at the entrance to the village. Once there, you will climb a small hill, which will be the most demanding part of the route.

This circular path is fairly flat and easy to follow the signs. Its main attractions include the peaceful holm oak groves, which will accompany you along the entire route; the replicas of the huts of the people who used to work in the area; and the coal bunkers and snow pits that you will find along the way.

La Volta al Puig Roig

If we are talking about essential trails, we cannot fail to mention La Volta al Puig Roig. This circular route takes us through Lluc-Escorca, a unique landscape of rock and water that is hard and rough, but very beautiful. It is a hidden place, away from all the towns, so that nature can be shown in all its splendour.

The hike is not easy, as we are talking about a 20-kilometre hike with a 500-metre difference in altitude. Bear in mind that you can only do this excursion on Sundays, as this is the only day that the Mossa estate allows access to its domains.

From coast to mountain: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Majorca

Put on your hiking boots, but grab your sandals too, because these routes we present below have a bit of everything: sea and mountain. Remember that if you are going to do these trails in summer, to be able to swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, you should bring at least two bottles of water per person, so that you can drink at all times.

Es Caló de Betlem trail

This easy and relaxing hiking trip in Majorca will take you from the mountainous village of Betlem to its most secluded and wildest cove. If you’re lucky, you might even have the whole beach to yourself. This route lasts 1 hour and starts in the village of Betlem, located in the east of the island.

The path leads through pine forests to Es Caló de Betlem, a sand and pebbles cove. If you continue a little further along the path, you will come to another beach, which serves as the boundary of the Cap Ferrutx nature reserve. From this point you can see the sea on one side and the mountains on the other.

Sa Calobra hiking trail

In this case, we suggest a difficult 5-hour trip that starts at the Sanctuary of Lluc and ends at Sa Calobra, the most beautiful beach in Majorca. It is a complicated and poorly signposted route where it is easy to get lost, so we only recommend you do it if you are an expert mountaineer or if you are accompanied by a guide who knows the area.

Don’t forget to pack your snorkelling goggles, as the underwater world of this beach is breathtaking!

What do you think of the best hiking trips in Majorca? Once you’ve finished walking, we recommend you to have a good meal and look for a quieter experience in the afternoon, such as visiting the Palma Aquarium, one of the best things to do in Palma de Mallorca. Plan your visit to our aquarium now and don’t miss out on the wonders of the marine world.

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