Your Easter holiday plan on Mallorca: Easter Special Programme

Easter on Mallorca is packed with things to do. And a visit to Palma Aquarium  is definitely one of the best and truly unique plans. It’s a great place to discover the diversity of marine life with thrilling experiences such as the  Aquadome 3D Cinema, the Backstage Tour, the Shark Vision Boat, and even diving with sharks.


The perfect Easter holiday plan for all the family on Mallorca  

This Easter, have fun discovering the best-kept secrets about marine eggs with Palma Aquarium’s Easter Special Activity Programme. You’ll find an exciting range of activities between 28th March and 7th April.


  1. Trivial Egg hunt

Turtles, rays, sharks, octopuses…What do all these marine animals have in common? They all lay eggs! To learn how the eggs of each of these species develop and discover more about their life cycles, join our team game to find the marine animal eggs in our Mediterranean gardens. When you’ve managed to complete all the phases, Our Ocean Experts will help you solve the mystery.

  1. Sea Eggs Ocean pills: curiosities about marine eggs

Various animals lay eggs, but not all eggs are the same, nor are they laid or incubated in the same way. Some species bury their eggs, others keep them in their mouths, and some lay more than 300 million eggs. Our Ocean Experts are on hand to offer a fascinating insight into the fascinating ways the animal world reproduces itself.

  1. Feeding marine animals

Watch Palma Aquarium’s team of aquarists feeds various animals including the majestic sharks, rays, octopuses and the brightly coloured coral reefs. Meanwhile, our Ocean Experts will surprise you with fascinating facts about each species and their habitat.

  1. Experience Labs

Our Ocean Experts reveal the secrets of the Mediterranean Sea, the sharks, and eggs of various animals in the Experience Labs located at various points on your tour of the aquarium. These talks and experiments will enrich your underwater experience.


Easter Campus: educational, environmental and fun 

Between  9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  between 2nd and 5th April, we’re running an Easter Campus where the youngest members of the family can an enjoy a holiday with a difference, packed with fun, learning and adventures. The most original Easter Campus in Palma de Mallorca.

We’ve organised a programme for children aged between 3 and 12 that includes a host of thrilling and fun-filled activities under the sea that will leave lasting memories. What’s more, they’ll learn about the importance of caring for our planet and how each of us can do our bit to protect the environment.

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Have fun on holiday at Palma Aquarium!

Dive in and enjoy a sensational experience exploring the amazing marine habitats at Palma Aquarium. The attractions include more than 8,000 specimens of 700 difference species from around the world, an exhibition of living corals unlike any other in the world, one of Europe’s deepest shark tanks, tropical and Mediterranean gardens, interactive zones and now, our Easter Special programme that is definitely not to be missed. We’ll see you at Palma Aquarium between 28th March and 7th April!

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