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Due to the restrictions derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, Nautilus Park remains closed

Climb up an impressive volcano and then, once you have conquered the summit, slide all the way back down.

All the brave explorers who decide to enterNautilus Park,Palma Aquarium's fantastic indoor play area, will enjoy a unique children's attraction in the Balearic Islands, as well as a ball pool, slides and endless laughter.

This children's playground, located in the heart of Palma Aquarium is guaranteed fun for children and parents - there is a cafeteria inside it so that you can relax whilst watching your children exploring Nautilus Park.

A different birthday party, 

celebrate at Palma Aquarium!

Celebrate your birthday with us; we will prepare a unique party for you at Nautilus Park, Palma Aquarium's kids' playground. You choose between visiting our sharks or the entire aquarium - the rest, having a blast with your friends on your birthday, is guaranteed!


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